Cantaloupe: The market is mixed as some growers

are peaking on small fruit. 9s and larger are keeping

strong demand. The overall quality is excellent with a

nice clean, tight net occasional green cast, but mostly

straw cast.

Honeydew: The market is steady with good supplies

across the board peaking on 6s. The overall quality is

excellent with nice, clean fruit



Steady volume with consistent good quality. California

volume trending higher.


We are seeing this market start to tighten up. Prices

are slightly up and supplies are getting tighter. Due to

recent weather conditions, it slowed production and

resulted in smaller size fruit. Production is good while

quality is average to good. We are seeing a decline in



Dark sweet cherries out of Washington continue to be

steady in supply. Mid-July volume is expected to drop

off quickly, and harvest will finish by month’s end.

Market prices remain steady.


The grape market is steady with good to fair demand.

Growers are harvesting all throughout the San Joaquin

Valley and will continue through November. The overall

quality of the fruit has been very good with excellent

color on the reds.



Galas from the Northwest have opened up with reasonable

pricing and good quality. There is a slight push on large Fujis.

Movement on most apples remains steady. California pears

are stable with movement and quality remaining unchanged.



The market is steady to strong as growers are trying to finish

up the coastal regions. Mexico has started in a light way and

volume will increase more in the coming weeks. The overall

quality of California fruit is fair, with a wide range in maturity

and some clear rot is showing up across the board. The first

Mexican fruit looks very good.


Market is very strong on 113s and smaller as growers are

peaking on some bigger fruit. The 138s are in a demandexceeds-supply

situation until California navels start around

the first of November. The overall quality of the fruit is good,

with some fruit showing heavier green color due to our hot

temperatures and the natural reaction of a later season

Valencia. There are some Chilean navels that have some very

nice deep orange color that have arrived on both coasts.

California navels will start around the first of November and

go through about June.


The lime market continues to rise and is expected to

continue upward and stay strong. The rain in Mexico is

hurting the volume of fruit being harvested, but good yields

are expected when the rain subsides. Quality remains good

and all sizes are available.


Blueberry season is at its peak. Steady production and

supply. Quality is good.


Supply is steady. Some growers are gapping in

between varieties. Demand has increased slightly with

much smaller volume.


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