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Altus_Reach_DISCONTINUE_Product Bulletin


Product Bulletin: 9/9/16 RE: ALTUS - Reach SKU Discontinuation Discontinued Reach Part Numbers: RCHS-32-WKS RCHS-48-WKS RCLS-RT1-WKS RCHS-RT1-WKS RCHS-32-WKS-EX RCHS-48-WKS-EX RCLS-RT1-WKS-EX RCHS-RT1-WKS-EX RCLS-32-STD RCLS-48-STD RCHS-32-STD RCHS-48-STD RCLS-RT1-STD RCHS-RT1-STD RCLS-32-STD-EX RCLS-48-STD-EX RCHS-32-STD-EX RCHS-48-STD-EX RCLS-RT1-STD-EX RCHS-RT1-STD-EX RCL-32-WKS RCL-48-WKS RCH-32-WKS RCH-48-WKS RCL-RT1-WKS RCH-RT1-WKS RCL-32-WKS-EX RCL-48-WKS-EX RCH-32-WKS-EX RCH-48-WKS-EX RCL-RT1-WKS-EX RCH-RT1-WKS-EX RCL-32-STD RCL-48-STD RCH-32-STD RCH-48-STD RCL-RT1-STD RCH-RT1-STD RCL-32-STD-EX RCL-48-STD-EX RCH-32-STD-EX RCH-48-STD-EX RCL-RT1-STD-EX RCH-RT1-STD-EX RC-EX-18 RC-DK5 Consolidated Reach Product Offering: Reach Independent LCD Swivel Workstations Reach Independent LCD Swivel Workstation with Extension Arm 1. Why discontinue these products? The part numbers listed above, will be removed from the Reach product line due to low sales volume. The following sku’s will remain within the Reach Spec Guide with more aggressive pricing: RCLS-32-WKS RCLS-48-WKS RCLS-32-WKS-EX RCLS-48-WKS-EX Model Number RCLS-32-WKS RCLS-48-WKS CPU Holders RC-CPU-21 Adjustable CPU Holder Weight: 8 lbs. Model Number RCLS-32-WKS-EX RCLS-48-WKS-EX RC-CPU-22 Enclosed CPU Holder Weight: 14 lbs. RC-CPU-21 RC-BCH-11 RC-CPU-22 RC-BCH-12 2. Can I still get these products? No. Effective immediately, we will be discontinuing these products. However, we will still continue to service and honor all warranty claims on these existing product. 3. New Reach Spec Guide Look for the new Reach Spec Guide with new pricing! Bar Code holders RC-BCH-11 Bar Code Scanner & Charger Holder Weight: 1 lbs. RC-BCH-12 Adjustable Bar Code Scanner Holder Weight: 1 lbs. Bar code scanner not shown Please contact me with any questions or to review this subject in greater detail. Bethany VanKempen | Marketing & Product Manager T: 888-537-1311 | 3731 Northridge Dr. NW, Unit 1 | Walker, MI 49544 | T: 888.537.1311 | F: 616.233.9549 |