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Server configuration information

8 x Dell EMC PowerEdge R730

Network adapter

Vendor and model

Number and type of ports

Broadcom ® Gigabit Ethernet BCM5720

4 x 1GbE

Driver version 3.137

Additional card

2 x Client PCIe DSSD HSX-2 cards

Cooling fans

Vendor and model

NMB ® 06038DA-12S-E2H

Number of cooling fans 6

Power supplies

Vendor and model

Dell L750E-S0

Number of power supplies 2

Wattage of each (W) 750

The table below provides detailed configuration information for the storage solution.

Storage configuration information

Controller firmware revision

Vendor and model


Number of storage controllers 2

Number of storage shelves 1

Number of drives per shelf 36

Drive vendor and model number

DSSD D5 Flash Module

Drive size (TB) 4.6

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