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Fast data flow to and from the DSSD D5 rack-scale flash appliance

According to EMC ® , “The Dell EMC DSSD D5 rack-scale flash appliance was specifically designed to bridge the legacy

performance gap between compute and storage. DSSD D5 provides workloads like SAS with unprecedented storage

performance that can increase the speed, scale, and value of critical applications. DSSD D5 can help you run more

analyses, work with transactional data, and leverage larger data sets to generate business insights faster and improve

your bottom line. DSSD D5 allows customers to:

• Accelerate high-performance, analytic-intensive workloads that require large working data sets or predictable

ultra-low response times

• Decrease false positives with higher frequency analysis on more granular data

• Enable more business users to make analytic-driven decisions

• Consolidate SAS marts to deliver a single analytics solution for

all roles”

Accelerate data flow for business growth

and goals

Data access has to be as efficient as possible to deliver fast analytics. If storage resources can’t handle high

concurrency and keep data accessible as you add analysis jobs, then gaining valuable insights will take longer. If

your infrastructure can analyze data quickly with fast storage, however, your business can see a host of benefits,

including fast decision-making, thorough analyses, and development of a smarter, more innovative organization.

Finance: Making smarter business decisions

Consider a financial services company that offers loans and credit. In addition to complying with strict financial

regulations from federal and state governments, the company must understand the risk involved in each loan

and the overall health of the business at any given time.

This company takes in an enormous amount of transactional and customer data every day. Effectively mining

that data would help them improve everyday lending practices, understand market trends, and plan for

the future. For that reason, the company could benefit from incorporating the Dell EMC DSSD D5 storage

appliance into their datacenter to support a SAS 9 environment. The appliance’s ability to support scalability,

concurrent analysis, and CPU/real-time ratios greater than 1.0 when processing SAS workloads could enable the

organization to:

• Create more higher-quality forecasts that can help them predict growth opportunities, minimize losses, and

respond faster to market trends

• Quickly score their transactions to find and stop fraud faster and more effectively, meet compliance

requirements, and avoid fines

• Make timely, smart decisions about their customers’ loans and defaults to help grow the company and

increase profits

With the Dell EMC DSSD D5, the company could gain new insights to help them make better decisions, comply

with regulations, and evaluate risks while growing the business and increasing profit margins.

Modernize your SAS analytics infrastructure to get smart, timely decisions at scale September 2016 | 2

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