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Public agencies: Utilizing data to help communities

Envision a public agency that must address citizens’ concerns about a wide variety of issues that affect their

quality of life. The agency takes in vast amounts of data from sources throughout the community, including crime

data, tax records, transportation data, economic data, and more. As its region grows, the agency will continue to

amass more data.

It uses SAS for data analysis, but traditional storage is limiting how much it can process—and in turn, how well

the agency can help its citizens. By incorporating the Dell EMC DSSD D5 storage appliance to support SAS 9,

the agency can gain higher throughput, support more concurrent analysis jobs, and scale by adding servers.

Based on these advantages, the appliance could enable the agency to:

• Increase public safety by planning informed, effective ways to address criminal activity

• Quickly detect and avoid fraud in procurement, taxes, health care, unemployment, benefits, and more

• Find new ways to address its community’s needs by analyzing the newest data around public sentiment and

citizen engagement

By utilizing the Dell EMC DSSD D5, the public agency can find new ways to enhance its community’s quality of

life, with the knowledge that they’re using up-to-date information at the base of their solutions.

Modernize your SAS analytics infrastructure to get smart, timely decisions at scale September 2016 | 4

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