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Gain insight into your business with SAS

According to SAS, “SAS helps businesses answer important data-driven questions related to customer data or

sales analysis, supply chain monitoring, fraud detection, and more. Specifically, SAS delivers the following to

your business:

• Tested algorithms to analyze past and near real-time data, and to predict future data and trends

• Varied approaches to analyzing your data including analysis of variance, categorical data analysis,

regression, psychometric analysis, survival analysis, cluster analysis, mixed-models analysis, survey data

analysis, and nonparametric analysis

• Customized output including task-specific graphics and analytical-style maps, charts, and graphs

The SAS 9 architecture uses multicore technologies to deliver processing capabilities through in-database

analytics. On-site SAS deployments and private and public cloud environments alike could benefit from the SAS

9 architecture.”

The Dell EMC PowerEdge R730 server

According to Dell, the Dell EMC PowerEdge R730 is a “mainstream 2S/2U rack server that delivers highly

functional flexibility to datacenter customers. The combination of powerful processors, large memory, and I/O

flexibility gives the R730 the versatility to perform well in a number of demanding application environments. [It

was named] server of the year by CRN for 2014.” 1

Testing the storage and servers with the SAS analytic workload

We used this SAS-provided tool to stress the DSSD D5 and R730 solution. It is a mixed-analytics scenario

consisting of 102 jobs per node in a graduated job release. During peak workload, up to 53 jobs ran at once.

SAS designed the workload to simulate real-world SAS batch users and SAS interactive users. The only exception

is during initial ramp up and ramp down periods at the beginning and end of execution.

Some periods were heavier than others during execution, which simulates a typical work environment when

some periods are batch-only jobs and other periods consist of batch and interactive jobs consecutively. This

ultimately simulates a real-world workload environment with peaks and valleys in system resource utilization.



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