We’re here for everyone.

Not everyone gets the same

start in life. Whatever their

situation, Sheffield Futures

will make sure they are given

every opportunity to achieve

their full potential.

Over the past 20 years, our experience working with

young people has demonstrated that through supporting

people in four key areas, we can achieve our mission:

1. Improving social skills, life skills and independence

2. Enabling community participation and belonging

3. Meaningful progression in education, employment and training

4. Improving health and well-being

In 2015-16,

we supported

over 20,000 local

people to reach

their full


At Sheffield Futures we have a variety of services that support young people

and communities in our four key areas, but we can’t do it alone. Sheffield Futures

is proud to work in partnership with agencies across the city, so that we can

holistically support the most vulnerable people in Sheffield. Some of our partners

include Sheffield City Council, South Yorkshire Police, schools, colleges, training

providers, University of Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield College,

Off the Shelf festival and so many more including Cadbury!

I am proud to introduce the Sheffield Futures Impact Report 2015-16. Over the last year, we

have had a huge impact on the lives of the people of Sheffield.

At Sheffield Futures, we provide a wide range of support and opportunities for young people

and adults to help them to reach their full potential and a bright future. We are often referred

to as being a young people’s life-line, supporting young people in risky situations to stay safe,

helping them to improve their confidence and self-belief as well as their employability skills.

This Report demonstrates the positive impact our work makes to individuals and communities.

We would like to thank all our partners, supporters and funders for their continued support.

Gail Gibbons, Sheffield Futures CEO

We contribute

to 26 Strategic Boards

and multi-agency

partnerships across

Sheffield, advising on

young people’s services

and sharing good


We want to support

schools to reach excellence in

delivering careers guidance.

To achieve this, we deliver the

Sheffield City Region Careers

Award. We are currently

supporting 17 schools in

Sheffield to achieve this

careers standard.


At Sheffield Futures, we tailor our support to meet the needs of each individual by establishing a

relationship with a key worker. By equipping young people with the skills and support that they

need to be happy, healthy and safe, we will reduce risky behaviour, raise aspirations and support

young people to develop the skills they will need.

“Young people need places to go where they know with total certainty that they will receive skilful help that is in their

best interests. Without that, their lives, and the lives of those around them, will not be happy or fulfilled or productive.

We must do everything to ensure vulnerable young people have these places and people to whom they can turn.”

(James Kenrick, Youth Access - The Outcomes and Impact of Youth Advice - The Evidence, 2011)

Our work is award-winning, and our models of work have been adopted by other organisations who share our best

practice. Our experienced staff ensure that each young person receives tailored help and all of our services are

designed to support the following outcomes:

• Improved social and interpersonal skills

• Reduced risky behaviour and improved safety awareness

• Raised aspirations and self-development

We support these aims through a variety of ways, including fostering a positive strengths-based relationship,

delivering issue-based group work sessions and enrichment activities designed to challenge self-development.

Sheffield Futures staff worked with world class athletes to deliver the

Dame Kelly Holmes Trust ‘Get on Track’ programme, aimed at improving

confidence, communication, teamwork, health and well-being. The

disadvantaged young people on the programme were all not in

education, employment and training and as such, needed to build their

self-esteem. The group emerged confident and excited for the future, with

most securing employment and training or re-entering education.

When Sarah started the programme she just

cried and cried, she wouldn’t talk and now

she’s making an articulate and passionate

presentation. This group of young people is

unrecognisable from those who walked in on

day one.

I come from boxing,

I’m a girl who can throw a punch.

I come from motivation - no pain no gain,

from perseverance, from fun.

I come from not knowing what to say

when people ask me to write something.

I come from being quiet on a first meeting

to not being able to stop talking

when I’m with my friends.

I’m from a noisy family,

from cold weather,

from street lights and park benches,

from snow and rain and sometimes sun,

from chavs and hoods,

from Woodthorpe, S2.

- Written by a young person with help from their youth worker

and a writer as part of Youth Word Up (Off the Shelf festival)


“I enjoyed the group sessions, everyone was really nice.

I’ve stopped being cheeky to my nan and hanging around

with people who get me in to trouble.” – Young person who

attended our Community Youth Team (CYT) Anti-Social

Behaviour (ASB) group work programme.

“He has started to realise that his action don’t just affect him.

This change in attitude has made home life much easier and

reduced the tension and pressure we have all been under.”

– Parent of young person who attended our CYT ASB group

work programme.


young people attended our CYT youth

clubs and including our youth clubs for

young people with Special Educational

Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND) in

2015-16. Our youth clubs enable young

people to tackle the issues they face in a

safe environment.

We run a weekly support group specifically for young women at risk of child sexual exploitation.

The young people who attend this club are taught how to stay safe by reducing their own risky

behaviour and identifying dangerous situations. The group is a safe space for a vulnerable group

of young people.

“After attending the club, my daughter recognises the danger

she was in. Now she can see when she’s unsafe and knows

what to do in those situations.”

We are

responsive to the

ever-changing needs of our

service users. After receiving a

rise in referrals for young people

at risk of developing unhealthy

relationships, our staff have

been trained to recognise risky

behaviour. We have developed

one-to-one and group work

programmes to help young

people to stay safe.

I didn’t enjoy school very much because I never felt the courage to

put my hand up in class for fear of being judged and picked on. Then I

became a Youth Councillor with Sheffield Futures. I was pretty nervous

but I began talking to people I hadn’t met before and I started to feel

much more confident and happy in myself. Being more confident

hasn’t just impacted on my Youth Cabinet role, but has shown in my

school work as well. I am always taking part in class discussions and

my grades have gone up.

Being part of something like the Youth Cabinet can really improve your

confidence. I urge more young people to find an activity or join an

organisation that they feel passionate about and get involved!

We started supporting

Adele when she got in trouble

for anti-social behaviour. Adele

was going missing from home and her

school attendance was low. We worked with

Adele and other agencies to create an individual

support plan which included one-to-one as well as group

work sessions in anti-social behaviour, victim awareness and drug and

alcohol awareness. Through CYT, Adele attended a course on performance poetry (part of Youth Word Up, Off the Shelf

festival) which led to a performance during the festival. Adele has grown in confidence, shown enthusiasm to learn new skills

and treats other young people and staff respectfully. Her school attendance and attitude to learning have greatly improve

and she has gained a part time job!

Our Sheffield Sexual Exploitation Service support young people who are at risk of CSE, we define

at risk as ‘beginning to engage in emotional and sexual relationships with someone who is older,

abusive and/or violent.’

I first came into contact with Sheffield Sexual Exploitation Service (SSES) in 2009 as a young person who was at

risk of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE).

Through the long term support and dedication of my support worker, I felt like I wanted to use my experiences to

positively influence CSE services across the country.

Thanks to the Young People’s Participation Group at Sheffield Futures, I have been given the opportunity to work

with various professionals and organisations, working towards creating a better, safer, future for so many young


We are putting together new guidelines for working with young people who are at risk of CSE in partnership with

University of Bedford, the National Working Group (NWG) and the Minister for Preventing Abuse, Exploitation

and Crime, Karen Bradley MP.

“I feel like I have

finally been

given a voice

and that I am

being listened to.


The Sheffield Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (2013) says “Sheffield is the safest major city in

England in terms of the levels of violent crime experienced. Sheffield remains a safe city and the

trends in falling crime and re-offending should be encouraged to continue.” In 2015-16 we have

seen a reduction in anti-social behaviour and first time offenders in Sheffield.

At Sheffield Futures, we believe in building strong and safe communities where young people have the

opportunity to have their say about how the community is run. By celebrating difference and diversity, we are

breaking down barriers that lead to social isolation and working together for a healthier and happier city.

Here are some examples of what we do to improve community participation and belonging...

In 2015-16, Sheffield Young Advisors won the National Young Advisors Impact Award for their work with

Sexual Health Sheffield. The team conducted mystery shopping exercises, including phone calls and visits as

well as reviewing the website, app and other publicity aimed at young people. The group produced a report of

their findings and an action plan has been put in place to ensure that the recommendations were implemented.

The Sexual Health Promotion Specialist at Sexual Health Sheffield said: “The award is thoroughly deserved as

I know how hard the team work and how passionate they are about making Sheffield a great city for young

people. The evidence and recommendations in the Young Advisors’ report will really help us focus our attention

to ensure we improve and develop our services for young people in our city.”

Sheffield Futures provide training, guidance and support to the Young Advisors to ensure that they are providing

a quality youth-proofing service.

We believe that it is important

to bring young people from

all backgrounds together,

to celebrate difference and

diversity. Each year our

Community Youth Teams who

work city-wide, get together

to hold an event to celebrate

International Youth Day. The

event in August 2015 saw

young people form teams to

play sports, crafts and cling

on to the Bucking Bronco!

Sheffield Futures’ social action project

Sheffieldr recruited volunteers to brighten

up volunteer-run Stocksbridge Community

Leisure Centre. The group gave the

disabled entrance to the freshly opened

swimming pool a much-needed lick of


Young volunteer, Isaac Hanson said: “I

feel that it is really important, especially

as a Member of Sheffield Youth Council, to

give back to the communities that we live in.

I feel very glad to have been able to help!”


Each year young people vote to decide the biggest issues facing young people in the UK today, and the UK Youth

Parliament bring these to a debate at the House of Commons. Over 90,000 young people voted to say that tackling

racism and religious discrimination was an issue that they were most concerned about.

Young people in Sheffield, at our ‘Don’t Hate, Educate’ event pledged to help make a difference:

• I pledge to report hate crime if I ever witness it and to educate people with my knowledge of the LGBT community

• I pledge to ask people why they are prejudice and I will try to educate them

• I pledge to discuss and educate my friends as well as people at my school, so it encourages people to be able to

talk more openly

• I will create PHSE days in my school with my peers

• I will not allow hate crime that I see to continue, whether it is verbal or physical, by intervening at an early stage

“Young people predominantly

receive negative press, but we want to show that

young people in our city have a lot to offer. We want to promote

volunteering and would encourage them to get involved in any

opportunities with Sheffield Futures.”

Involvement and Enrichment Manager, Sheffield Futures


Fewer people work in Sheffield than the national average and “youth unemployment has significant

implications for the health and well-being of the city.” (Sheffield Joint Strategic Needs Assessment -

Position Statement 2013) We believe that where you are born should not determine the opportunities

you are offered, or your success in life. Everyone has the right to a bright future and the chance to

achieve the best that they can.

At Sheffield Futures, we support people of all ages and abilities to make meaningful progression into education

employment and training. We improve employability skills by offering young people opportunities to get involved in a

variety of projects, from advising how youth services should be run, to giving back to local communities through social

action projects.

We want to reach people at any stage, so we run drop-in Job Clubs five days a week, for adults and young people. Our

services are fully accessible, with staff are based all over the city, in our one-stop-shop at Star House, our Community

Youth Teams, in schools, Job Centres, and more. Sheffield Futures aims to support people to progress into education,

employment and training through the following outcomes:

• Improved engagement and attainment, with education, employment and training

• Increased awareness of opportunities and options for education, training and employment

• Improved employability skills

As part of our Future

Shapers programme, we

mentor 944 young people

in school and, of these,


have shown improvements

in attendance, attitude

and behaviour.

We have supported


young people in

Sheffield into education,

employment and

training in


Our All Age Guidance

team have helped


satisfied adult clients

to progress into



Annually, we

produce an Options

Guide with all the

information 16-year-olds

need to make decisions

about their next steps. The

Options Guide is provided

to 26 schools in


At Sheffield Futures we

understand that many young

people lack employability skills

that can be gained in other ways.

Talent Match Sheffield City Region

has helped 41young people to find

volunteering opportunities, with a

further 40 finding apprenticeships

and 130 entering

formal education.

We have met with


young people with Special

Educational Needs and/or

Disabilities to provide

information, advice, guidance

and progression


Talent Match

Sheffield City Region

has helped


young people to gain

employment in


We provide

independent careers

guidance in


schools, including all

Special Schools, in

Sheffield and our service

is expanding!

John did not take any exams at school and didn’t work or study in the seven months after leaving school. I met

him to discuss his options and what he was interested in.

Our first visit to a construction training provider didn’t go well. After John had taken his Maths and English

assessment tests, the tutor informed him that he “was not up to doing the course” and that they could not offer

him a place. John was deflated and upset, so we worked together to build his self-esteem and a few days later,

we attended another interview with a training provider. After the assessments, the provider offered him a place

and he was happy to accept!

A few months into his placement, John expressed an interest in spending time at the Army Preparation Unit based

with the training provider. He is doing very well and has progressed from being a very quiet young man into a

proactive person with leadership qualities! His worker says “finding an activity that inspires Sam has been the

catalyst to reach his full potential.”


In Sheffield, it is a sad fact that 1 in 5 young people in Year 10 said that they feel stressed, while 1

in 10 said they felt depressed “most of the time” (Sheffield Every Child Matters survey 2014-15). It

is also estimated that around half of adult mental health problems starts before the age of 14.

At Sheffield Futures, we know that early intervention and support is vital, if we are to prevent issues escalating

into adolescence and adulthood. In addition to meeting well-being needs through our other core areas of work,

our staff and services all support the following outcomes for young people

• Strengthen relationships, access to support and social networks

• Increase young people’s sense of resilience and confidence

• Work with partner agencies to improve physical, emotional and sexual health of young people

Our skilled and dedicated staff are experts at engaging with young people to unearth underlying causes and will work

holistically with the young person and a variety of agencies to support young people to be happy, healthy and safe.

Well-being issues in young people are not

always immediately transparent, and young

people can present with a variety of issues,


• Antisocial or criminal behaviour

• Alcohol or substance misuse

• School exclusions

• Speech and language difficulties

• Emotional, learning or behavioural difficulties

• Running away from home

At our youth clubs for young people with

learning disabilities and difficulties, we

promote healthy lifestyles with exercise

and information about balanced diets.

“It’s important to know where your food comes

from, so we grow fruit and vegetables in our

youth club’s garden. We want to teach young

people how to cook fresh meals from scratch,

a skill that will provide not just health, but

economic benefits.”

Sexual Health

Sheffield Joint Strategic Needs Assessment states “Key to achieving good sexual health outcomes is the commissioning

of universal open access sexual health services.”

As part of our response to emerging local need, we launched a Sexual Health Drop-in at Star House,

run by trained youth workers within a welcoming and confidential environment.

One young person said “I find the service easy to access. I’m pleased it’s somewhere that I already visit so I don’t have

to make an extra journey or go to place where it’s obvious why I’m attending.”

Sheffield Futures partnered with Sheffield

Youth Justice Service to deliver the SEND

Custody Project which provided professionals

with up to date information on the Special

Educational Needs and/or Disabilities

(SEND) Reform and the Education Health

and Care Plan (EHCP) process and helped

them to effectively support young people.

Many of the training delegates reported an

increased knowledge in the issues facing

young people with SEND needs in custody

and the policies that govern this.

In 2015-16 we provided

one-to-one support to


young people, helping

them to make positive

life choices and

improve their health

and well-being.

In 2015-16 Sheffield

Futures loaned


pieces of equipment to

youth groups so that

they could participate

in outdoor activities,

like camping!

A group of young people expressed

an interest in boxing to one of our CYT

workers, so we started a new boxing

project. Initially, the group lacked

confidence but they quickly gained a

sense of achievement for their successes.

The project covered self control and

the importance of anger management,

as well as physical and mental health,

team work skills and healthy lifestyles.

We launched Mi Book

‘A pocket guide to your life

in Sheffield’ which deals with

issues to do with health and

relationships and signposts

young people to places and

people who can help. Further

to this, we developed the Mi

LifeMapp app in


Our partnership

project with Northern

General Hospital and Sheffield

Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation

Trust, ensuring that all 16-19 year

olds needs are recognised on

entering A&E and that they gain a

fast track referral to support from CYT,

was named Highly Commended

in the Children and Young People

Now Awards for Partnership


We have set up 7

sustainable sports clubs

and do sports activities in

all of our youth clubs. In

2015-16 we held 3

sports tournaments!

Young people on the Future Shapers programme have their own Mentor who tailors

support to meet their needs. This could be to gain confidence, attend extra-curricular

activities, improve attendance, gain qualifications, socialise with other young people,

search for employment and much more.

Part of Future Shapers is Xtra Push, a fun-filled personal development training

programme aimed at helping young people to gain confidence, assertiveness,

control and show commitment.

One school’s Associate Leader said: “Xtra Push has been a very positive programme

for our students and we’re very happy to celebrate the success of Future Shapers at

our school. It really is a fantastic programme for young people and I’m so happy that

everyone is fully engaging with it.”

One young person said: “Xtra Push taught me not to give up as you’ll never succeed

in life if you give up when it gets tough. I now know that if I don’t do things right the

first time, that I can always do it again and that it’s important to have patience and


One Sheffield school’s Assistant Head Teacher said: “They were all so much calmer

after the sessions.“

The Year 10 Manager, agreed and said: “I think it’s helped with their self confidence,

I’ve seen a real difference.”


young people have

participated in Xtra

Push in 2015-16

Thank you so much to my

daughter’s Mentor and the team,

they have been so involved and

done so many activities with

my daughter. Without Future

Shapers, I really don’t know how

my daughter would be now.


Sheffield Futures undertakes a variety of activities to reinvest back in to local communities and add value, such

as: fundraising activities, campaigns to tackle national issues, volunteer opportunities, providing training and

events that bring together young people and decision makers, which enables their voice to be heard.

A volunteer’s story:

I am convinced that, given the chance, each individual has

something special they can build on in their future. The Xtra

Push programme gives young people the opportunity to learn

what those skills are and I am glad I was part of it.

To anyone who might be interested in volunteering with

Sheffield Futures I would say: join in! The only things you have

to bring is an open mind and enthusiasm. No matter if you are

experienced in youth work or not, this is definitely one of the

best opportunities to learn about others and yourself!

We regularly hold events for young

people that give attendees the chance

to speak about wider issues facing

young people. In 2015-16, we held

a Young People’s Question Time with

Festival of Debate, the theme was

youth unemployment and fit in with our

#AFutureForAll campaign to get all

young people earning or learning.

In 2015-16, volunteers and staff ran

the Yorkshire Half Marathon to raise

funds for Sheffield Futures! We will be

holding lots more fundraising events

over the next year - keep an eye on

for more information!

Do you like what you see

and want to get involved?

If you’re interested in becoming a

Fundraiser, Ambassador or Volunteer, get

in touch today to see how you can help us

to grow:

Our Commitment to Quality

At Sheffield Futures we understand that high quality services need to be responsive to both the long and short term

needs of our service users and our stakeholders. We are committed to ensuring that we provide high quality service

user experiences, wherever and however young people engage with us.

We can only achieve this through the skills and dedication of our staff. We are committed to promoting professional

development to meet the needs of our service users. Our in-house NVQ Centre also provides training to meet the needs

of local organisations.

The voice of young people is at the heart of all that we do at Sheffield Futures and they are involved at every stage of

shaping our services, through providing opportunities for them to influence the people and policies that affect them.

Star House

43 Division Street


S1 4GE

Tel: 0114 201 2800






© Sheffield Futures 2016

Produced by Sheffield Futures. Registered Number: 2963378. Charity Registration Number: 1044940

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