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Innovations in the Pharmaseuticalization and

Neutraseuticalization of Medical Cannabis

REPORT: The Cannabis Biotech/Pharma Market Could Surpass $20 Billion by 2020

Viridian Capital Advisors | Wednesday, 02 December 2015 05:43 (EST)


A Physician’s decision to prescribe a new drug or even a natural health product has to be

based on Evidence-Based Medicine – A legal and ethical requirement.

§ Currently, no body of evidence exists to not support the prescription or recommendation of medical

marijuana in any medical condition, including terminal cancer. According to Canadian and USA drug

regulatory agencies, the is no evidence to support the safety and efficacy of marijuana for use in

the treatment of pain or any other indication.

§ TBP product development plan would provide the data necessary for drug regulatory agencies to grant

marketing approval and physicians to prescribe or recommend our products.

§ As cannabis becomes legalised across the globe the medical and scientific community would still

require pharmaceutical consumer drug products developed with proper research , data and protocol.

Insurance companies will only be able to cover the cost of products with Drug Identification Numbers.

§ TBP takes the natural aspects of medical cannabis and applies the science of pharma to develop

products that patients want , doctors want to prescribe and insurance companies will cover.

TBP Product Pipeline

TBP invests significant time and capital into a continuous and sustainable pipe line

of products based on patient needs and driven by scientific R and D

Prescription Drugs

§ PPP001*:

§ bringing ‘smoked’ marijuana to patients.

§ PPP002:

§ Insomnia a comorbidity in chronic pain patients.

§ Botanical drug to increase quality sleep in patients suffering from chronic pain.

§ PPP003*:

§ Combination product – oral administration.

§ Chronic pain, PTSD and other neurologic and psychiatric conditions.

§ Compete against GW with proprietary extracts.

§ PTGR*:

§ R&D*

§ Topical prescription drug for pain management.

§ to generate pipeline (create IP and disease-specific treatments).

*cannabis sativa based products.

24 Month Projected Milestones


Algorithme Pharma is conducting stage 1 clinical trials of PP001 in

collaboration with Phyto Pain Pharma

McGill University is collaborating with Agro tek and Grow Pros on an

NSERC funded research study to develop consumer products

containing cannabinoids.

The National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada

connects industry with world-firsts in knowledge and the people

behind them, fueling R&D and leading to firsts in the marketplace.

They have granted TBP subsidiary Grow Pros Cannabis with research

funding related to the development of Consumer products in

collaboration with the university of McGill.

Aphria is a publically traded producer of Medicinal Cannabis

under license from the Canadian Federal Government.

Aphria has partnered with PPP for the production of

Cannabis for use in PP001.

Natural Health Product Strategy

The estimated size of the 2015 hemp CBD based personal care products

($147 million). This marks an estimated 10% increase over 2014,

and doesn’t even include sales data from big box retailers,

which could more than double the estimate.*

§ Along with medicinal and recreational cannabis , natural

health products containing non psychoactive cannabinoids

such as Cannibidiol (CBD) are widely gaining popularity

particularly in the United States where more favorable CBD

regulations exist.

§ Agro Tek intends to acquire formulations and established

brands with the goal of integrating our Cannabis R&D into

the less regulated NHP market


Over the Counter NHP Pipe Line

§ AGT001*:

§ Topical product for pain management.

§ AGT002 product line-oral*:

§ Cardiovascular disease prevention,

athletic performance, and well-being.

§ AGT003 product line*:

§ Topical products for skin care.

§ AGT004*:

§ Topical for women - quality of life.

§ R&D*:

§ Create IP and pipeline for supplement

health care market.

*cannabis sativa based products (may or may not contain psychoactive ingredients)

Targeting both Canada and USA supplement (OTC) markets.

Cannabis / Medicinal Plant

cultivation and sourcing

• Originally applied for ACMPR license in November of 2014,

Currently in stage 3/5

• Owns a lease option on 190 acres of agricultural land 45 min north of Ottawa

• Signed a co-op agreement with Delta 9 Bio tech to collaborate on

licensing of the facility

• Currently examining alternative licensing options for Pharma Development and

sourcing legal supply for use in Pharma and NHP products

Capital Structure (as of Oct 5, 2016)

Current Market Valuation ~13M



Common Shares

82.61 M

Warrants exp 09/28/18 .07-.15 20.7 M

Compensation Warrants .05 1.5 M

OPTIONS exp 11/5/17 .05-.32 6.3 M

Average Price of Warrants: $0.11

Average Price of Options: $0.05

Total Proceeds from Warrants and options $2.224M

Competitive Landscape

GW Pharma $GWPH

Market Capitalization: $3.33BUSD

GW Pharma has 2 products in its pipe line in stage 1 and stage 3 for epilepsy and MS.

Cannabis Science Inc. $CBIS

Market Capitalization $47.22M USD

Conducts qualitative research on medicinal cannabis in a non pharmaceutical manor.

They have no products in Clinical Testing

INSYS Therapeutics inc- $INSY

Market Capitalization $810.5M USD

Is a traditional Pharma company that was awarded organ drug status for CBD for treatment of

GBM. They do not have any current clinical trials

Zynerba Pharmaceuticals $ZYNE-

Market Capitalization $101M USD

Developing a synthetic THC transdermal patch as well as a synthetic CBD gel

Cara Therapeutics Inc. $CARA

Market Capitalization $214.2M

R&D on Cannabinoid preceptors . Utilizing synthetic compounds


• Jan 15 - Oct16

Raised ~$1.4M through private placements and executed

warrants at .025-.05-.10-.15

• October 2016

Secured 2M equity line of Credit from NYC private equity firm

Alumina Partners

• November 2016

Closed a $914,000 financing round at .15 with a

full 12 month warrant at .20



• Andre Rancourt – Chief Executive Officer

• Guy Chamberland, PHD – Chief Scientific officer

• Sabino Di Paola – Chief Financial officer

• Ryan Brown – VP business development and communications

• Randy Ringuette, PHD – Medical Researcher

• Charles Campbell, PHD – Medical Researcher

Board of Directors

• Andre Audet – Chairman/Director

• Andre Rancourt – Director

• Benoit Chotard – Director

• Robert Brouilette – Director


+ investors@tetrabiopharma.com

+ ryan@tetrabiopharma.com

+ www.tetrabiopharma.com

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