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What Your Glasses Says About You!

As a smart Millennial man you may be investing a lot of effort in dressing to the nines - always wearing the perfect shoes, having a limited edition watch tightly wrapped around your strong wrist and even spritzing the sexiest smelling cologne to transform into the office ‘alpha’! However, you’ll definitely fail to impress your boss or your date if you miss out on this tiny little detail. If you believe in making an high impact first impression - do not ignore one aspect of your dressing that can either make or break the deal for you. Yes! You guessed it right - the frame (your prescription glasses) that sits steadfastly on your face gives away a lot more about your personality than anything else. Want to know how your prescription eyeglasses define and shape your personality? Here have a look and decide for yourself about which look will you sport today! Don’t forget to visit for getting the frame you desire..

What Your Glasses Says About

Millennial Men’s Version THE NERD Geek Glasses Geek glasses are back with a bang and every fashion conscious guy has a pair in his collection. You will not only look quirky and young but also interesting in them. Many college students and professionals are seen sporting these glasses because of their stylish appeal. THE INFLUENCER Rimless Glasses Rimless frames have class and sophistication written all over them. Often the choice of top notch professionals likes Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, etc., these glasses are perfect for an understated minimalist look. THE HIPPIE Round Glasses Though round glasses have a sense of timelessness to them, they do have the magic to make you look as cute as Harry Potter. Popularised by John Lennon in the 1970s, round glasses are currently trending world over. THE BOHEMIAN Coloured Glasses Nothing quiet spells confidence than coloured frames. It shows that the wearer is in control of his choices and does not necessarily follow what the world deems appropriate. THE MR. RIGHT Aviator Glasses Aviators have a classic and timeless style and it reflects in your personality. You have the attractiveness of tom cruise and the authority of Jack Nicholson. You come across as someone who is rooted to his values. THE HUNK Wayfarer Glasses Wayfarer eyeglasses are one of the most popular and classic frames. You can never go wrong with wayfarer glasses; they never fail to make you look attractive. They are uber stylish and accord symmetry to your face. THE LEADER Semi-rimmed Glasses Semi rimmed glasses are lightweight and durable than rimless glasses and highlight your face. As they have a top heavy frame, they are sure to draw attention to your eyes. People who rock this retro style exude an air of authority. THE MAGNATE Rectangle Glasses Rectangular frames are a fairly popular eyewear choice. However, if you have an oval or oblong face shape refrain from using these narrow frames as they will distort the proportion of your face. THE ALPHA Oval Glasses Oval glasses are not everyone’s cup of tea. It puts across the sentiment that you want to make your mark and do not want to blend in. Many men with an artistic bent sport these frames. And trust me, you like all the attention you get with oval glasses and we love it too!

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