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Newsletter 2


(27 November-3 December 2016)

Except the host country,Spain 16 teachers from 8 countries which are our partnersmet in the cute

and peaceful city Dos Hermanas in the south of Spain.We were hosted warmly at school at at the first day of

our visit.We met with the school headmaster and the teachers.We had the opportunity to see the school and

to get information about the school.There were lots of things which took my attention but I must confess

that the ‘agricultural area’was a great idea for parents,students and teachers to spend time together.

The classroom activities which were held by each country were educational and entertaining both

fort he teachers and especially fort he kids.

In the end we are all teachers.Education is a process which is open to new things and during this

process everybody can learn new things from each other and share these things with each other.From this

point of view watching and evaluating each others’activities was a good practice.

At school besides formal school activities also the teachers planned activities which helped us to

learn about the culture .One of them was the lunch at school.We also had the opportunity to taste the local

meal,especially ‘paella’.

Another cultural activity was the ‘Flamenco’show which held at night.I can summarize it with only

one word ‘FASCINATING’.It was the sign of importance given to culture because some students in the show

were the school’s own students.

We also visited the President of City Education Consule called M.Antonia Naharro Cardenenosa.We

learned the meaning of ‘Dos Hermanas’ is two sisters and also the story of the city. It was a good experience.

We also got the chance to see and learn about Cordoba and Sevilla. Spain visit was very productive

for us and it left lots of good memories and nice indications among us.


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