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The “Masters of the Universe” Portfolio



Example of Dalal Street, LLC’s most recent filing: Example Aquamarine Capital Management, LLC’s most recent filing: Jorge Lemann 3G Capital Jorge Paulo Lemann is a Swiss-Brazilian investor who joined forces with Buffett in the acquisition of HJ Heinz for $28b in 2013. He’s also the force behind turning AB Inbev into the world’s largest brewer in 2008 as part of a $46b deal. In 2010 he was behind the buyout of Burger King and Burger King’s 2014 acquisition of Tim Horton’s along with a little finance help from Warren Buffett. Most recently, he’s behind AB Inbev’s attempted $100b takeover of SABMiller.

Example 3G Capital’s most recent filing: When it comes to investing with the “Masters of the Universe”, I account for how much of the Master’s portfolio is comprised of each stock. For instance, I place less weight on shares that make up 1 or 2 percent of the portfolio. Wells Fargo (WFC) makes up nearly 20 percent of Buffet’s portfolio. Such concentration indicates extreme confidence with that position. The larger the holding percentage-wise, the higher the conviction. I also account for stocks that are in multiple master’s portfolios. 3G, Berkshire, and Fundsmith all have positions in VISA (V). When three ‘stars’ align, I see this as an indicator I should take a closer look at VISA (V). The final decision is a combination of factors; how many of my Master’s own shares in the same company, how close is the current price to what the Master’s paid? Does it pass my filter/checklist, and is the price within a ballpark range according to my four valuation techniques? You could use a subscription service like Insider Monkey or GuruFocus to track your own “Masters of the Universe”, but why not just use for free?

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