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The “Masters of the Universe” Portfolio


expertise when following

expertise when following Berkshire Hathaway. Moving forward, you’ll also be getting ideas from his two investment managers: “Todd (Combs) and Ted Weschler are primarily investment managers – they each handle about $9 billion for us – both of them cheerfully and ably add major value to Berkshire in other ways as well. Hiring these two was one of my best moves.” These managers were reportedly behind the Berkshire Hathaway investment in Apple (AAPL). If you’re looking to pick Charlie Munger’s brain, research the filings of the Daily Journal. His most recent holdings include Wells Fargo (WFC), Bank of America (BAC), US Bancorp (USB) and POSCO (PKX). Example of Berkshire Hathaway’s most recent filing:

Example of Daily Journal’s most recent filing: Mohnish Pabrai and Guy Spier. These two investors are famous for paying $650,000 to have a “power lunch” with Warren Buffett in 2007. Spier concluded it was worth every penny and changed his life more than just financially. Compared to the $3.4 million paid in 2012, these gentlemen got a bargain. Mohnish Pabrai runs Dalal Street, LLC and Guy Spier runs Aquamarine Capital Management, LLC from Zurich, Switzerland. I was introduced to the concept of using a checklists while researching the investment philosophy of these two guys. Mohnish hasn’t publicly shared his checklist and recommends starting your own and adding to it. He points out that a good investment has two facets; Downside protection – Margin of Safety and Upside, earnings engine – Moat. Mohnish also states that no company will get past all items on your checklist with a clean bill of health and will usually have one or more issues. For diversification, Mohnish states there’s no need to hold a 100 names, but it’s unwise to hold just four. According to him, 20-30 names seems just about right.

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