Extended rain is in the forecast for all California growing

regions on Strawberries starting the February 16 and through

early next week. Harvest disruptions are expected for Citrus

and Strawberries as we go through these weather events.

Cauliflower supplies are still low and may decrease going into

next week. Chinese New Year has led to supply shortages

on Garlic as China stops producing/shipping product during

Chinese New Year. Expect prices to remain high into next

week. Broccoli supply is light this week, but showing signs of

improvement as the market is down this week.



Russet: Markets are steady on all sizes. Quality is very good.

The Norkotah supply is slowly winding down. Most sheds will

have this variety wrapped up by mid-March. We expect some

market strength by the end of March as the sheds transition

to the more costly Burbank variety.

Reds: Quality is good with good volume.

Yellows: Quality is good with good volume.


Cabbage is down this week with good supply and moderate



Red and Green Leaf: Green Leaf market is up this week. Supplies

are very light with demand that exceeds supply. Supplies are

expected to remain light into next week. Quality of available product

is fair.

Romaine: Romaine market is up this week with very light supplies

and demand that exceeds supply. Supplies are expected to remain

light for the next several weeks.


Iceberg Lettuce is down this week. Supplies continue to be light

and are expected to remain light. Sizing and quality are fair.


Chinese Peeled Gralic pricing remains high this week and is

expected to remain high into next week. There is a steady

supply of Chinese Garlic coming into the East and West Coasts.

California Garlic is expected to be in good supply this year.


Domestic oversupply and increases in import volume from

Mexico continue to drive prices down. It is likely we will see

this market remain with a sluggish feel until demand picks up.


Chile Pepper market is flat this week.


Cilantro market is up this week with light supply and

moderate-to-good demand. Expect to see some yellowing

and decay.


Volume continues to be light for off-shore East supplies. Quality

remains variable. For the West, Nogales crossings continue

with good quality.


Yellow Squash: Supplies have greatly improved after the

weather issues that drove the market up the previous weeks.

Current supply is strong with good quality out of the West, but

variable quality out of the East.

Zucchini: Similar to yellow squash, supply and quality have

improved causing the market to increase.


Green Bean market is mixed this week. Machine-picked and

handpicked Round Green Beans out of Central/South Florida

are flat. Handpicked Round Green Beans out of Mexico through

Arizona are up. Haricot Verts are down.


Steady market out of the East with good quality. Nogales

crossings continue and quality is good.


Green: Green Bell Pepper pricing jumped significantly late last

week. Mexico scrapped most of its crop due to cheap prices

and an overabundance of supplies. Now the majority of the

Peppers will have to be supplied out of the East. Florida had

poor weather come through about six weeks ago and is now

starting to feel the effects, reducing the supplies in the East.

Expect a tight market for the next few weeks.

Red: The Red Pepper market has increased, but not as

significantly. Expect an up market for the next few weeks.


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