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Band Biography


Band Biography This week we interviewed the band ’’Peculiar.’’ on biography of the band. Let’s get on with the interview. ’So where are you from?’ ’We are from different places actually, Batman for instance is from Gotham and so is Cat woman, but Superwoman is from New York and Wonder woman from the Amazons. So we are quite diverse. ’Where did you guys meet?’ ’So this is going to sound trashy, but we met in a dark alley, just let me explain. So we all were bored, because there weren’t any villains anymore to fight (btw we didn’t know each other except for Batman and Cat woman). And the creators (the people who made the comics so basically our gods) stopped making comics for us. So we all made portals to go to the 3D world. And by accident we all, without knowing each other, went into the portal at the same time. And we all appeared in the same, old, dark, disgusting ally. And that’s how we met.’ ’ And how long have you been together? And have there been any changes in the band at all since you started?’ ’We’ve been together for about two years now. And there haven’t been any changes in the band, if you exclude the fact that we turned 3D, finally.’ ‘And how famous do you consider the band to be?’ ’Well we gained a lot of fans with the release of our last album, and I think that number will only increase when we go on tour.’ ’How long have you been giving concerts and what kind of concerts do you give?’ ’Well it depends on the kind of song we’re singing, because some are more of the dark kind and others are more light-hearted. We started giving concerts when we released our last album.’ ’So how many albums have you brought out? And any DVD’s?’ ’This is our second album, so we brought one out before. And there are some DVD’s, but there private so you’ll hopefully never see them.’ ’Have you guys done any big tours and what do you think lays ahead for the band.’ ’We’ve done one big tour for our last album, but it was only in the states, so our next one will be a world tour. I think pretty positive about the future of the band. I think our fandom will only grow.’ ’And our final question for you guys. Do you guys have anything going on at the moment?’ ’We’re actually planning our world tour. We will reveal the city’s any moment now, so stay tuned.’

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