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Real Estate is one of The 2 nd largest Sectors in India. In Indian Real Estate Market we Expected 20000 Crores by 2020.Our Housing Sector Also Contribute 5 to 6 % of our GDP. Now Big Players Also Approaching in Hills Station. The market for residences in hill towns is picking up. Shubham Group Target The Affluent by Offering luxurious Residential projects in Nainital (Mukteshwar), Haridwar, Dhanaulti, Shimla and Goa(Launching Soon). why these Destination Giving More boost to customers ? Because customers are seen a wonderful 2 nd Homes / Holidays Homes/weekend Gateway Concept Also They preferred Close to Metros cities. SHUBHAM has come up with a unique concept of Assets Management Program to promote our Projects/ Nainital ( Mukteshwar) is the best Hill Station to Buy for 2 nd Homes. We have Given High Growth in Recent times with The Rise of Demand of 2 nd Homes is About increase of 32%. We have already Developed Basic Infrastructure And Amenities Already in place to cater to the needs of the people. with We also Coming up With SHUBHAM HOLIDAY HOMES AT Nainital(Mukteshwar) to Enjoy your weekend with Family with lots Exciting Activities and Energy Booster. Our Projects A Second Home Can also be a Fantastic Investment Opportunity, Particularly if you choose a Region with a Robust Housing Market. In General, Vacation Homes are in Desirable Areas known For Unique Amenities or Stunning Natural Beauty. If you Finance your 2 nd Homes with low interest Rate in our Projects we are Here to help you and Promise to give A Best Service. In all lasting Memories you are Sure to Create in your Home Away From Home. For More Details of Projects: or mail- Best Wishes , Piyush Singh Head-Sales & Marketing

QANDIL Newsletter Jan - Mar 2017