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Lambeth Climaco bio 200 words

Lambeth Climaco bio 200

Emily Lambeth Climaco writes about literature, language, and life at Desert Island Letters. A lifelong southern Illinoisan, she lives in Fairview Heights with her husband Phil, daughter Caroline, and their cat Charlie. Before family and writing occupied her days, she earned a doctorate in English at Saint Louis University. She loves to read and is passionate about poetry and the Bible. She and her family are active at Christ Church, a short walk from home. For six years, she has volunteered as president, then executive director, of Women4given, a nonprofit that invites women to contribute money, then awards grants to worthwhile nonprofit organizations serving women and children. Emily is at work on a book about feeling stuck, using the metaphor of shipwreck on a desert island. After a discouraging bout with infertility, she and Phil were blessed with their baby girl. Relieved and fully committed to the mother-life, she had expected smooth sailing. A few years in, she felt stranded on a desert island, scanning the horizon for some sense of direction. First, she had to acknowledge her faith had suffered shipwreck. Desert Island is a memoir of those years. Connect with Emily on Facebook or at Desert Island Letters.

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