1 year ago


When is a joke a joke How much is too much in comedy or is it really just a joke that has been a question asked for a long time. There are many reasons why comedians take jokes too far and they purposely try to hurt people’s feeling. There are jokes that are meant to hurt political views and certain political parties and religion. But are these jokes just just jokes or something more. I believe that there are many options and views on certain jokes so here is what i have to say. There are many ways that jokes go too far and just plane out mean. But for some reason it’s ok just because they are being told by a comedian how is this far just because they get paid to say something funny that makes it ok. I believe not because an insult is a insult no matter whom it is said by if it is said by a celebrity or a person who is paid to tell jokes they should have the decency to not insult individuals. But then again aren’t these comedians getting paid to make jokes no matter what they are or who they are meant for cuz all they are trying to do is make a living who are we to deny them that. Because afterall a comedian is just a person doing whatever they can to make jokes and make money yeah the way they make there living is a vulgar way to live but it’s a living. There are many genera of jokes in our society and around the world some jokes are funny but a lot of jokes are meant as an insult to others. Ore they could just be insulting a political party or a politician and those insult can and will tarnesh there looks and may interfere with them getting votes. There are religious jokes that insult a person’s religion and that is very disrespectful to that person and that religion. There are also jokes about race that mocks a specific race and turn it into joke form to make it funny but it really isn’t cuz its just an insult. But i believe that may jokes should have their limits and there should be topics that should be off limits and should not be made fun of. Time changes the way jokes are said and interpreted by people. In there early times of jokes jokes were harmless and did not have any males in them. But as time changes and as people changed. Jokes became more disrespectful and vulgar but yet to these people these jokes are okay. I disagree with that ideology cuz jokes are meant for fun and laughs not to make fun are insult a person or race. In conclusion i believe there is a limit to how far a joke can go and that it is not okay for comedians to use certain topics in their acts. A lot of the reasons i gave show that jokes can be made to hurt people and tarnish certain groups or organisations and that is unfair. Most jokes or meant for fun and laughs but sadly there are jokes that are meant to offend or hurt people just for fun and thats is mean. Jokes were meant for fun and laughs they were not meant to hurt people or make people cry or get offended cuz jokes are fun and have been made to help people and make them happy not sad but sadly times have changed and so have people so the jokes changed. This is why i believe there should be a limit to jokes but then again aren’t comedians just trying to make a living by telling jokes no matter who they offend i think that is a very sad why to live but it’s a living.