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Meet Latin America by them flavors PDF

Meet Latin America by them flavors

Meet Latin America by them flavors By Karen Santos Around Latin America you can find different food, each one with a particular flavor and texture. The History of Latin American makes that the traditional food has some influences of Spain and Portugal, so when you try different food you are learning a part of history and culture. For example different countries like Peru, Colombia, Mexico and Ecuador have a close connection with the corn, because it was the traditional food of the indigenous people and it also has different mythical stories. Usually there is not only one typical food for a country; in fact many cities have their typical food. So, I have selected 5 options of popular food based on my experience and friend’s advice, but remember that it is better try everything you see. 1. Ceviche: It is a very famous Peruvian food, which consist in a combination of different types of fresh fish. People usually mix fish with lemon or coconut milk. You can join it It can be accompanied by a delicious chicha morada, a drink made with purple corn. 2. Tacos: It is a typical Mexican food made with a tortilla of corn with beef or chicken inside. It also has pico de gallo (Mix of cut onions and tomatoes). As all of Mexican food, it is usually hot spicy. 3. Ajiaco: As a Colombian girl, it is very difficult to choose only one typical food. The Ajiaco is the typical food of Bogotá, the capital of Colombia and my city. It is a soup with three types of potatoes, corn, chicken and a typical spicy plant called guasca. You usually eat with rice. It is my favorite. 4. Bife de chorizo: Beef is very popular in Argentina, but the Bife de chorizo is the most popular piece of beef in that country. It is very soft and juicy. 5. Feijoada: It is the most popular food in Brazil. Its origin is Portugal. It is dish with black beans, rice and dehydrated pork. Also there are different traditional foods or snacks in Latin America, so if you visit some places of Latin America you can ask for empanadas and arepas, you can find them on streets or little stores. The empanadas are a dough stuffed with different things depend on the region, the most famous are from Argentina but there are in other countries. The arepa is from Colombia or Venezuela and it is a flat dough with cheese, there are made with corn or wheat. Well, I told you some of typical foods, but my best advice it’s always try and enjoy!

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