Multiparker (concrete structure without pallets)

Automatic parking system for

50 to over 300 cars similar to

a high rack made of concrete

Available as tower, pit or

tower/pit version with transfer

area at an intermediate level

Lift-/shuttle version for wide

cubes with up to 6 parking levels

above each other

(Multiparker 760)

Multiple row arrangements

with 1 or 2 rows behind each

other for cars in different length

are possible

No ramps and driving lanes

Safe for user and cars

No costly illumination and

ventilation necessary

Turning device may be arranged

in the entrance area or in the

lift area

New centring device for the

positioning of the car in the

entrance area

Different car heights possible,

for larger sedan cars up to 2,5 t,

e.g. Mercedes S-class and SUVs

These Multiparker systems are suitable for construction cubes similar to a high rack made out of concrete. The outstanding

feature is constituted by the longitudinal pick-up transport system: The vehicle is picked-up from transfer position and will be

parked onto a plane concrete slab.

Multiparker 750

This automated system offers space

saving parking in a structure similar to

a high rack. The building structure and

parking slabs are made of concrete.

Concrete structures are more costeffective

especially in underground

constructions when intermediate levels

are necessary due to static reasons.

The car is driven into the transfer area,

turned if required, then it is picked-up

by a longitudinal pick-up transport

system (LAT) which takes it by means

of a shuttle and vertical lift directly to the

provided car park place on the concrete

slab. The Multiparker 750 is suitable for

small foot prints and allows up to 30

levels above each other. Tower, pit or

tower/pit versions with transfer areas

at an intermediate level are possible.

Two rows of parking places can be

arranged behind each other.

Multiparker 760

The Multiparker 760 is designed for

bigger floor plan areas. E.g. 200 car

parking places can be accommodated

within a parking level. A redundant

operation is possible in big automated

garages when several vertical lifts and

several shuttles per level are configured.

WÖHR Cycle

WÖHR Cycle 885

The WÖHR Cycle is an automatic bicycle

parking solution capable of housing

up to 128 bicycle parking places. It can

work freely round the clock and no

operating personnel is required. The

«parking process» lasts a mere 16 seconds.

The bicycle stacking operations are

performed behind closed doors, thus

providing for maximized theft prevention

and anti-vandalism safety.

Featuring 4, 6 or 8 levels

For up to 122 parking places


For up to 128 parking places


Max. weight of bicycle approx.

30 kg

All common bicycle types can be


11,40 m

11,40 m

Ø 6,80 m

Ø 7,00 m

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