Up to 200% more parking spaces

1 driving level

= 2 or 3 parking levels

= cost savings

Independent parking

High level of operational

and functional safety

(German TÜV tested/CE certified)

Proven, low wear hydraulics

Low maintenance cost

Double platform units available:

4 parking spaces (430, 440)

6 parking spaces (403, 413)

2, 4, 6 parking spaces

(461, 462, 463)

Parklift 430

The WÖHR Parklift 430 is a modular

variable mechanical parking system

which enables the purchaser to adjust

his parking system to different car


The advantage of WÖHR Parklift 430:

It in cludes the three most common

Parklift types 340, 402 and 440 for

pit depths from 150–200cm and allows

car heights from 150–195 cm.

The adjustment is offered by our local

partners. WÖHR Parklift 430 is an interesting

solution where ownership of

one system – single or double for 2 or 4

cars – remains in the same hand.

Parklift 440

The most comfortable Parklift with

horizontal platforms provides easy

access and exit and also makes it

easier to get in and out of the car. If

overall headroom is available, systems

with higher clearances between

platforms (1,65/1,80/2,05 m) can be

supplied for extra us er comfort. Large

cars up to 2,6 t (e.g. Mercedes S-class

or SUVs) can be parked on special


Parklift 403/413

Three cars can park above each other

on a little more than the footprint of

one parking space. A cost saving

solution with one driving level and

three parking levels. The upper parking

space is horizontal whereas the two

lower platforms are inclined (Parklift

403). With only a little more headroom

Parklift 413 offers three horizontal

parking spaces.

Parklift 461/462/463

The invisible solution for 1, 2 or 3 cars

above each other with horizontal

platforms. The upper platform is even

and can be integrated to the surrounding

surface with different coverings

(plastering , marble or greens). Double

units for 2, 4 or 6 cars are possible.

Single unit

for 2 cars

Double unit

for 4 cars

Double units for 4 or 6 cars with wider platforms are available. They offer more comfortable space for getting in and out

of the car and for easier parking and exiting. They need less construction width than 2 single units and are more comfortable

and economical.

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