Slimparker / Crossparker

Slimparker 557 Tower:

Automatic parking system for up

to 23 cars

Narrow gaps are perfectly closed

Slim installation width of only

280 cm, can be extended to up

to 310 cm in 10 cm steps

Individual façade design is possible

max. weight approx. 50 kg / m²

Slimparker 557 Shaft/Crossparker:

Semi-automatic parking systems

for up to 23 cars (Shaft),

22 cars (Crossparker)

Underground arrangement with

hidden transfer area

System can be driven over when

transfer area is lowered

Double-row arrangement in front

and behind the lift is possible

(Shaft/1 empty place is required)

Double-row arrangement

longitudinal and lateral to the lift

is possible (Crossparker/2 empty

places are required)

Integrated Turntable option

available for Crossparker (for Shaft

only, if additional space in width

is provided)

All 3 systems provide:

Platform load of 2,0 t or 2,6 t

Very small ground plan and very

slim construction (Slimparker)

No space-intensive ramps and


Different car heights and lengths

can be accommodated

Safe for user and cars

(no narrow ramps, dark stairs,

no damage caused by theft or


Otto Wöhr GmbH


Less area.

Less traffic.

Less CO2.

More innovative parking ideas.

Slimparker 557 Tower

The new parking system Slimparker

557 offers up to 23 above-ground

parking spaces on narrow and long

ground plans. A central vertical lift

located in the transfer area conveys the

car to one of the 6 possible parking

levels per system. Each parking level

can store up to 4 cars.

The slim construction contours allows

incorporation into a soundproof wall.

This safeguards the residents of housing

areas against adjacent road and

rail traffic noise pollution. Narrow gaps

can be used for additional car parking



Slimparker 557 Shaft

When there is more space in length

than in width, the Slimparker 557

shows off its merits. This slim system

merely requires an installation width of

2.60 metres in narrow broad strips

between buildings. It has been spe cially

designed for the area between the setback

lines and building. Vehicles can be

stacked up 6 levels deep in front of, and

behind the lift. The ground level lid can

be furnished with the most varying

coverings and can be camouflaged to

suit its surroundings.

Crossparker 558

The Crossparker 558 offers an extension

to the Slimparker 557 Shaft as far

as width is concerned. Two further grids

can be arranged on each side left and

right next to the central lift. In this way,

the amount of parking spaces can be as

much as doubled on the available

ground surface. This system also lowers

the entrance to ground level after use.

Ölgrabenstraße 14

71292 Friolzheim | Germany

1,30 m

All of our parking systems follow the idea of »Green Parking«:

Space-saving system technology in favour of the retention of green areas. As an alternative to street parking

automatic garages reduce the traffic in search for a parking space. With innovative parking ideas CO2 pollution

can be decreased in inner cities. In our automatic parking systems electronic cars are driven to charging

stations and can make use of favourable electricity night tariffs. An exceptionally eco nomic concept as fewer

charging stations can be used for many cars.

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26,50 m

26,10 m

6,10 m

4,60 m

We compact parking space

2,60 m

2,60 m

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