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Be Part of the Network<br />

Just three months old and YSA has already attracted close to 100 members and the membership list continues<br />

to grow.<br />

Be a part of YSA. You will have diverse platforms and ample opportunities to network and interact, participate<br />

in community service in Singapore and abroad as well as partake in sports and cultural programmes.<br />

Membership certainly has its privileges.<br />

Membership is open to Sikhs and non-Sikhs of all ages and professions residing in Singapore. All you need<br />

to pay is a $10.00 membership fee with an annual subscription fee of either $10.00 or $20.00, depending<br />

on the type of membership.<br />

Get your application form from the Sikh Centre (4th Floor), www.ysas.org or just email to enquiry@ysas.org<br />

for a copy.<br />

Join YSA today and be part of the network…<br />

A <strong>Newsletter</strong> of Young Sikh Association (Singapore) December 2003 MITA (P) 207/10/2003<br />

New Kid On The Block<br />

What’s Happening?<br />

“Racial Harmony” Football Tournament<br />

Four-a-side “Racial Harmony” football tournament<br />

on 4 January 2004 at Kolam Ayer CC. Open to<br />

Sikhs with two non-Sikh players on each team.<br />

Application forms are available at the Sikh Centre<br />

(4th floor) or www.ysas.org. Participation is limited<br />

to 30 teams. Application is on a first come first<br />

serve basis.<br />

Official Launch Ceremony<br />

Witness the formalisation of YSA on 17 January<br />

2004 from 2.45pm to 4.45pm at Marina<br />

Mandarin. More than 200 guests are expected at<br />

the event. To register, contact Sohni at 96254137<br />

or email: sohni@ysas.org. Check out<br />

www.ysas.org for details on the launch ceremony.<br />

Seminar on “Managing Cultural Differences”<br />

Gain an insight into appreciating and managing<br />

cultural sensitivities in a multi-ethnic Singapore.<br />

Eminent Singaporeans to focus on ethnic issues<br />

at this seminar in February 2004. For more details,<br />

contact Ms Manjit Kaur at 97640770 or check<br />

out www.ysas.org.<br />

Coming Soon…<br />

• Dialogue Session with a Minister<br />

• Professional Development Programme<br />

• ‘Networking’ Hockey Tournament<br />

• Bhangra Competition<br />

• Seminar on Challenges facing the Women<br />

• Community Service projects in Singapore<br />

Do look out for these activities.<br />

Visit YSA’s website at www.ysas.org for details.<br />

Up and Running…<br />

Log on to www.ysas.org and find out more about<br />

YSA and our<br />

programmes.<br />

YSA’s website<br />

was officially<br />

operational on<br />

15 November<br />

2003. The<br />

website contains<br />

a reservoir of<br />

information on<br />

YSA, our mission and objectives, details on our<br />

programmes and the executive committee members,<br />

past and forthcoming activities, membership<br />

application as well as an online newsletter.<br />

The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate and<br />

has been given the thumbs-up by its visitors. Mr<br />

Swandi Sowaran Singh commended YSA on the<br />

launch of the website, stating that “It is a refreshing<br />

website. I found the information concise yet<br />

informative. And I had no problem surfing it“.<br />

Do check out YSA’s website and be in the know of<br />

what YSA is up to and how you can be part of it all!<br />


<strong>Khwaish</strong> is a newsletter of Young Sikh Association<br />

(Singapore). Please feel free to forward your comments<br />

and feedback to:-<br />

The Editor, <strong>Khwaish</strong><br />

Young Sikh Association (Singapore)<br />

c/o Sikh Centre<br />

8 Jalan Bukit Merah, Singapore 169543<br />

Tel: 6327 2007/5 Fax: 6327 2009<br />

Email: editor@ysas.org<br />

No part of this newsletter should be published without the consent<br />

of the Editor, <strong>Khwaish</strong>.<br />

It’s time to roll out the newest player in the Sikh<br />

community – Young Sikh Association (Singapore),<br />

or YSA for short. Established in August 2003, YSA’s<br />

mission is to promote the aspirations of young Sikhs.<br />

Why YSA?<br />

Today’s young Singaporeans, including young Sikhs,<br />

will play a significant role in determining Singapore’s<br />

place in the global community. This underscores the<br />

importance of preparing them for this new<br />

international role. The best way to prepare them for<br />

the future is to increase their exposure to Singapore,<br />

the region and the world, and broaden their<br />

perspectives on global development in politics,<br />

business and technology, and on the social and<br />

cultural environments. This involves helping young<br />

Singaporeans appreciate the importance of regional<br />

and international dialogue, interaction and cooperation<br />

in tackling some of the most pressing<br />

challenges of our times. YSA is therefore a relevant<br />

initiative in today’s local and global contexts.<br />

What is YSA?<br />

YSA strives to understand and appreciate the<br />

aspirations of young Sikhs and to integrate these<br />

aspirations into the Sikh community and Singapore<br />

society through enhancing mutual understanding on<br />

issues of common concern and fostering friendships<br />

across ethnic groups in Singapore, the region and<br />

the world. YSA’s activities will involve programmes<br />

and projects that benefit the Sikh community and<br />

Singapore at large, all in the effort to create world<br />

ready young Singaporean Sikhs.<br />

YSA’s objectives are:<br />

Active Citizenry<br />

To enhance understanding of national issues among<br />

young Sikhs and to encourage them to contribute to<br />

the betterment of our society as thoughtful and<br />

responsible citizens.<br />

Intellectual and Professional Development<br />

To provide platforms for young Sikhs to strive for<br />

intellectual and professional development.<br />

Inter-racial Harmony<br />

To strengthen inter-racial friendship and harmony<br />

by organising and actively participating in intercommunity<br />

activities.<br />

Community Spirit<br />

To foster community spirit among young Sikhs<br />

through community service at home and abroad.<br />

National Identity and a Global Mindset<br />

To establish networks with local and international<br />

youth groups so as to foster national identity and a<br />

global mindset among young Sikhs.<br />

What’s In This Edition . . .<br />

• The rationale for YSA’s establishment<br />

• Reaching out with YSA’s programmes<br />

• YSA appoints Panel of Advisors<br />

• The logo behind the organisation<br />

• Helping the less fortunate in Punjab<br />

• The people who got it all going<br />

• How to be part of the YSA network?<br />

• Surf YSA’s newly launched website<br />

• Forthcoming activities

REACHING OUT . . .<br />

As a totally independent Sikh organisation, our programmes are initiated by young Sikhs for<br />

young Sikhs, in particular, and the Sikh community and Singapore society, in general. Our<br />

programmes are designed to allow you to meet your aspirations and to enable you to contribute<br />

to the betterment of the Sikh community and Singapore. From dialogue sessions, seminars<br />

and professional development workshops to dhol competitions, cultural shows and sports<br />

activities, you choose your avenues of aspiration and integration.<br />

Conferences and Seminars<br />

In order for you to play a part in Singapore’s<br />

globalisation, it is important to be exposed to issues<br />

in Singapore, the region and the world. This<br />

programme will broaden your perspective of global<br />

politics, business,<br />

technology and other<br />

social and cultural<br />

environments<br />

through regular<br />

conferences,<br />

seminars and<br />

dialogue sessions<br />

with political,<br />

business and civil<br />

society leaders from<br />

Singapore and<br />

abroad.<br />

Intellectual and<br />

Professional<br />

Development<br />

Today’s dynamic<br />

local and<br />

international<br />

environments<br />

demand relevant skills acquired through continual<br />

professional and intellectual development. Through<br />

workshops and discussion sessions focusing on<br />

presentation, communications and organisation<br />

skills, management and leadership development, this<br />

programme will help you adopt a positive attitude,<br />

an entrepreneurial spirit and develop the confidence<br />

you need to become a more competent and active<br />

participant in Singapore’s economic and social<br />

progress.<br />

YSA Appoints Panel of Advisors<br />

Community Service<br />

This programme will enable you to support the<br />

needs of less fortunate communities in Singapore<br />

and abroad. By making a difference in the lives<br />

of others, you will be able to discover confidence<br />

and teamwork and<br />

the potential to<br />

make a difference,<br />

a realisation that<br />

we hope will spur<br />

you to even greater<br />

engagement and<br />

active citizenry.<br />

Culture<br />

This programme<br />

strives to<br />

strengthen racial<br />

and religious<br />

harmony in<br />

Singapore through<br />

inter-community<br />

cultural activities by<br />

showcasing the<br />

Sikh culture to<br />

create greater<br />

understanding and appreciation of the Sikh<br />

heritage and tradition.<br />

Sports<br />

Adopting the approach that sports is a fun and<br />

exciting means of networking and interaction, this<br />

programme will organise a range of sporting<br />

activities to enable you to forge links and<br />

strengthen ties with fellow Sikhs and other ethnic<br />

groups in Singapore and overseas.<br />

YSA has appointed three eminent and distinguished individuals from the Sikh community and Singapore on<br />

its Panel of Advisors. They are Mr Davinder Singh, Member of Parliament for Toa Payoh GRC, Mr Inderjit<br />

Singh, Member of Parliament for Ang Mo Kio GRC, and Mr Bhajan Singh, Chairman, Sikh Education<br />

Foundation.<br />

As a newly established organisation which aims to “internationalise” young Singaporean Sikhs, YSA will<br />

benefit considerably from their contribution on policy directions and strategies as we forge ahead in our<br />

mission and with our objectives.<br />

The term of appointment of the Panel of Advisors is for one year effective 1 November 2003.<br />

OUR LOGO<br />

Our logo comprises<br />

three stylised orange<br />

sails rising from the<br />

blue acronym YSA,<br />

Young Sikh<br />

Association,<br />

Singapore.<br />

The orange signifies<br />

the rays of the rising<br />

sun on the three sails in motion, reflecting our<br />

proactive approach in reaching out to<br />

understand the aspirations of young Sikhs. Like<br />

energy emanating from the sun, the progressive<br />

sails also represent the energy with which we<br />

strive to achieve our objectives to make a<br />

positive contribution to the Sikh community and<br />

to Singapore. The blue represents our corporate<br />

culture which emphasises strength, trust and<br />

reliability – values which underpin our<br />

philosophy and actions.<br />

The union of the sails and YSA symbolises our<br />

commitment to integrate the aspirations of<br />

young Sikhs into the Sikh community and<br />

Singapore society and contribute to the growth<br />

of a vibrant and thriving Singapore.<br />

The People Behind YSA<br />

It’s never easy to start an<br />

organisation. It involves a<br />

considerable amount of<br />

planning, conceptualisation and<br />

execution.<br />

However, the people behind YSA<br />

were determined and worked<br />

hard to see it come to fruition. In<br />

less than six months after the idea<br />

was first mooted, YSA came into<br />

existence.<br />

The Executive Committee of YSA<br />

is made up of 15 Sikhs from<br />

different backgrounds and<br />

professions. All of them have the<br />

common desire to make a<br />

difference in the Sikh community<br />

and Singapore society.<br />

With your support and<br />

involvement, they will make YSA<br />

an integral part of the Sikh<br />

community and the Singapore<br />

society.<br />


A group of 35 young Sikhs and non-Sikhs are currently<br />

in Punjab to help the less fortunate in society. They are<br />

part of YSA’s community service projects in Ludhiana<br />

and Chandigarh from 2 to 20 December 2003. The<br />

former involves working with school children in Anand<br />

Isher Senior Secondary Public School while the latter is<br />

with old folks in the Home for the Aged and Destitute.<br />

The aim of these expeditions is to provide the opportunity<br />

for Sikh and non-Sikh youths to participate in meaningful<br />

service in aid of the less fortunate in Punjab. At the same<br />

time, the expeditions are geared at raising an awareness<br />

and appreciation of the Sikh culture among the<br />

participants and to enable them to understand the socioeconomic<br />

development issues in Punjab.<br />

Participation in the expeditions is significantly subsidised<br />

by YSA through funding from the Singapore International<br />

Foundation. Each participant only paid S$450.00 for<br />

the 18-day expeditions.<br />

YSA plans to organise similar community service projects<br />

to Punjab every year. So do be part of this life-changing<br />

experience next year!<br />

L – R (Sitting) Harbhajn Singh (Asst Treasurer), Manjit Kaur (Committee Member),<br />

Satwant Singh (Vice President), Hernaikh Singh (President), Sohni D. Kaur (Committee<br />

Member) and Harveen Singh Narulla (Committee Member)<br />

L – R (Standing) Parwinder Singh Grewal (Secretary), Kuldip Singh (Committee Member),<br />

Kulwant Singh (Committee Member), Sukhbir Singh (Treasurer), Kuldip Singh (Committee<br />

Member) and Paramjit Singh (Committee Member)<br />

Not in Picture Kulwant Singh Bardh (Committee Member), Kirpal Singh (Committee<br />

Member) and Sharon Kaur (Committee Member)

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