SHIELD funding

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Chalgrove Airfield Action Group

SHIELD funding – what are we doing with your money?

Chalgrove SHIELD exists to support Chalgrove and the surrounding villages in opposing the

plans for the development of 3000 houses on Chalgrove Airfield. With help from the village,

we have been able to create newsletters to keep the village and wider area informed, but

we feel it is important to make sure that you know what we are doing, as it is money that has

come from public donations.

We are not actively fundraising at the moment, but there will come a point in the process,

most likely during the Inquiry in Public, where we may have to raise a significant amount of

money to pay for legal representation to counter the legal arguments of the Homes and

Communities Agency and South Oxford District Council.

The current state of our finances is as follows:

Source Amount Total

Online donations £1015.00 £1015.00

Cash donations £90.00 £1105.00

Funds raised at Village Festival £80.00 £1185.00

Total Income £1185.00


Printing of Newsletters £190.00 £190.00

Total Funds Available £995.00

We have managed to reduce our outgoings by donations in kind; for example our first

newsletter was set and printed at no costs to SHIELD.

Once it is clear what format the Local Plan will take, and when the Inquiry in Public is likely to

be, we will move to an active fundraising phase as we seek to secure a Barrister. Until then,

we will be as prudent as possible with our funds, as we are very aware that this is your money!

When the process is concluded, regardless of the result, any remaining funds will be

distributed to local charities.

About the Chalgrove Airfield Action Group

Following the announcement of Chalgrove Airfield being South Oxfordshire District Council’s preferred option for a New Town,

the Chalgrove Airfield Action Group formed with the primary purpose of supporting Chalgrove’s response to the consultation.

Our mission now is to help Chalgrove and surrounding villages and hamlets to find sustainable alternatives to excessive local

development. We want to ensure that our elderly residents and children not only have access to affordable homes, but also

have somewhere to live that provides a safe environment without excessive and unnecessary traffic and associated pollution.

For more information please contact press@chalgroveshield.org.uk

chalgroveshield.org.uk press@chalgroveshield.org.uk facebook.com/chalgroveshield

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