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Based in Utah, William R. Rawlings & Associates is an accident, personal injury and wrongful death law firm. They offer full-service legal counsel to individuals who have been hurt through the carelessness or negligence of others.

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Victim of a Bicycle Accident? Rider or Pedestrian – Contact William R. Rawlings & Associates for Counsel

from the Best Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Salt Lake City

With more than 35 years’ experience in providing legal counsel and winning cases for our clients, William

R. Rawlings and Associates is the leading law firm in Salt Lake City. Our lawyers are highly practiced in

representing you in a court of law, and have a long history of winning compensations for you. We have

been strong advocates for bicycle accident victims in Utah, and have won countless cases, winning

millions of dollars as compensation in the process. If you have been a victim of a bicycle accident, get in

touch with our bicycle accident lawyer in Salt Lake City.

Being former insurance attorneys and insurance adjusters, we know the techniques used by insurance

companies to diminish your bicycle accident claims. We value your time and patience, and despite

having extensive trial experience, we settle more than 98 percent of the cases in an out of court

settlement, saving you the time, expense, and stress of the legal proceedings. The expertise with which

our bicycle accident lawyer in Salt Lake City handles cases has led us to being recognized as a Top-10

personal injury attorney in Utah.( Bicycle accident lawyer in Salt Lake City)

Many of our attorneys cycle to work, and are well aware of the different circumstances that lead to

serious bicycle accidents. Our bicycle accident lawyer in Salt Lake City understands the law, and will be

aware of the fact that drivers fail to pay attention to cyclists, which lead to serious bicycle injuries. It is

also possible that bicycles and the various component parts fail at times, which can also lead to

accidents and consequent injuries. Moreover, dangerous conditions on public and private property often

lead to bicycle accidents, and on top of that event organizers and vendors often create challenging

conditions that result in bicycle accidents. In every case, our bicycle accident lawyer in Salt Lake City will

investigate the case thoroughly and obtain the largest compensation for you.

In short, our bicycle accident lawyer in Salt Lake City understands the sport and the dangers associated

with cycling, and handle every case with the utmost commitment. We take our role of representing you

in the courtroom very seriously, and strive to make sure that you get nothing short of what you deserve.

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