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UL CERTIFICATIONS FOR CERTIFIED COMPONENTS: UL 2054 STANDARD FOR HOUSEHOLD AND COMMERCIAL BATTERIES UL Certified Battery, File#: MH12383 UL Certified Battery, File#: MH49170 UL Certified Battery, File#: MH29550 UL 60950-1 STANDARD FOR SAFETY INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY EQUIPMENT UL Certified Battery Pack, File#: MH12383 UL 1778 STANDARD FOR UNINTERUPTIBLE POWER SYSTEMS UL Certified Power Supply, File#: E141699 UL 60601-1 STANDARD FOR SAFETY MEDICAL EQUIPMENT UL Certified Uninterruptible Power Supply, File#: E141699 UL 60320-1 STANDARD FOR APPLIANCESS COUPLERS FOR HOUSEHOLD AND SIMILAR GENERAL PURPOSE UL Certified Cord Sets and Power Supply Cords, File#: E115330 UL 1989 STANDARD FOR STANDBY BATTERIES UL Certified SLA Battery, File#: MH20845 UL 1004 STANDARD FOR ROTATING ELECTRICAL MACHINES UL Certified Motor, File#: E49849 ALTUS = Technology Workstation Solutions 3731 Northridge Drive NW, Suite 1 | Walker, MI 49544 | T: 616-233-9530 |