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ANT 348 Week 5 Final Paper (Ashford)

ANT 348 Week 5 Final Paper

ANT 348 Week 5 Final Paper (Ashford) BUY HERE⬊ 348-week-5-final-paper-ashford/ ANT 348 Week 5 Final Paper (Ashford) Focus of the Final Project For your Final Project in this course, imagine that you have been asked by your colleagues to present your research on your chosen tribe at an online conference. At this conference, you will be presenting the information you have accumulated in your portfolio during the first four weeks of the class. Your presentation must contain: 1. A summary of the historical aspects of the chosen tribe, including both their origin story and the migration theory that best applies to the tribe, their material culture, and historical subsistence system. 2. A description of the historical and contemporary relationship between the tribe and the U.S. government. 3. A description of the social, political, economic, and religious aspects of the tribe, including their descent, kinship and marriage systems, political structure, and religious beliefs. 4. A summary of contemporary issues facing your chosen tribe, which can include issues such as health, economic, environmental, or sovereignty issues. 5. A summary of how your selected tribe compares and contrasts to at least one other tribe’s cultural, spiritual, political, economic, or social expressions. (You can integrate these comparisons within your descriptions of each of the topics above or as its own separate section of your presentation). You have two options for presenting your research: 1. Develop a 20-to-25-minute video presentation that you will record using the free web service Present.Me ( Using this service, you will upload a PowerPoint and record a personal video using a webcam to present the information on the PowerPoint. 1. For presentation tips use the PowerPoint Presentation Best Practices job aid. 2. For help with using, use these resources: Using for Presentations job aid User Guide. Your First video. 3. To submit your work, copy and paste the URL to your video into a Word document. 2. Create a 20-to-25-slide PowerPoint presentation to present your research. a. For presentation tips use the PowerPoint Presentation Best Practices job aid. Your presentation will be evaluated on the content, overall organization, and your use of graphics in relation to the five main components. Be sure to review the PowerPoint Presentation Best Practices job aid for information on how to format a successful PowerPoint presentation. A portion of your final grade will be based on how well you incorporated the instructor feedback that was given to you throughout the course on your weekly assignments, so be sure that you take this into consideration when preparing your presentation.

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