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Vostraŭ I

IV a homeless skeleton

IV a homeless skeleton holding newspaper is looming to the glass that hides nothing completely nothing, thus a bum is shocked by the tasting that delicious working process «why don’t they care about us?» his jaws (without tooth) Touch the glass and his eyes are sticked to that Jelly it’s painful there down the belly: meals here do come so rarely VI wave, wave, wave, like zombies that come from a grave, like soldiers that seek their fate, all starving are breaking the gate employers there come they beat one by one all the small all the poor all the dumb. --it’s just first day of work why the fuck do they talk why they wanna get our resources? clear the way for the federal forces! V zap! bang! it isn’t a gang, it is just a skeleton loner! he’s broken the glass like winning the chess --with whom? --with her majesty death. the bum is inside he dares to subside a Jelly on first day of working but Jelly is now simply knocking his money from clamping his jaws, and it seems like he hadn’t noticed a homeless while doing his test but … security comes freaking fast so the hero will simply not last not an hour not even a minute — a club just points to his face — bang! VII when the battle has gone when the soldiers had fun they’ve abandoned the place to the fortune but the Jelly just set and he ate what he ate without any emotions or caution table now empty was noone other across and noone to provide any groschen a silence no sounds of a city but a rapture of passing the goal... he just heard there one sound after which he was lost — that was sound of his own heart burst. therefore outside that poor race that is starving lying and dying has completely broken the lace.

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