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P MAKİNA İMALAT MÜHENDİSLİK MADENCİLİK SAN. VE TİC. A.Ş. TANK manufacturing, is one of the main production areas of ATAMAK MAKİNA. Manufacture of TANK; is applied in accordance with International Standards and Quality Management. Systems together with customer satisfaction, work safety and environmental protection awareness, combining high technology with cost effective and suitable for customers' projects and needs. Under the scope of ATAMAK MAKİNA's Tank manufacturing activities; design,manufacturing and contracting services are given with the requests and needs of his customers. Tanks,are used various sectors and plants, such as Filling & Storage Plants, Food & Beverage, Chemical ( Cosmetic ,detergent,refinery etc. ),Pharmaceutical Plants.Different types of tanks/silos are provided whether pressurised or atmospheric,flat /conical or different dished end types,cooling/heating jacketed ( half pipe coil,dimple etc.) All design works are made in compliance with ASME or EN standards. ATAMAK MAKİNA provide perfect and quality working in accordance with the technical specifications of tank manufacturing.All welds are done with "Automatic Robot Plasma & Subarc Welding System",manual TIG/MIG and Coated Electrode Arc Welding. Furthermore, our welders and skilled workers are certified and managed by an internal auditing program. QC is conducted by our independent QC department, while equipment and devices are calibrated by internationally accredited entities. If requested, inspection can be conducted by third-parties The material used in tank manufacturing, varies depending on the process and purpose of use. Atamak Makina, has integrated required welding and working methods ,with his extensive experience related to metarial selection and usage Ü İz Materials used in tank manufacturing; Austenitic stainless steel qualities such as 304L, 316L, 316Ti- Super-austenitic stainless steel qualities, eg 904L Duplex and super duplex steels (2205/2507) Exotic materials like Alloy31, Monel, Inconel Alloy materials such as P11, P22, P91 Non-metallic C

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