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Alumina, alumina ceramic, alumina ceramics

Alumina, alumina ceramic, alumina

Alumina, alumina ceramic, alumina ceramics No.300,Xuanhua Road,Changning area,Shanghai,China info@advance-ceramics.comThese alumina ceramic have a variety of properties:high mechanical strength and hardness,hig wear resistance and corrosion resistance,high thermalconductivity,high insulation.Almost all field of application use this kind of material because of its many properties and combination properties with other material and its good price-performance ratio. alumina ceramic lamp holder which is made of 95% alumina ceramics, with structure optimization, high heat dissipation, energy saving and environmental protection, aging resistance, wear resistance and other advantages for in a variety of LED energy-saving lamps 1 ceramic insulation is good, effectively solve the problem of high voltage testing, so that consumers can be assured that the use of safe, simplified power design; 2 strong cooling performance, effectively reduce the light decrease, increase LED service life. 3 high-grade appearance, consistent and stable, streamlined appearance design conforms to the modern popular aesthetic idea. 4 alumina ceramic light socket is high safety factor, convenient installation, wide application.

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