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affair of seasons

affair of

an affair of the seasons I don’t know you, golden boy but you are among the trees when autumn erupts across the city and glistening in winter’s highest peak You are brighter than I’ve known and when you whisper through a smile you are August defined Laced with sunlight, tied with grace I could sunbathe in your laughter Lie with me until the rain passes I will never deserve to have danced with the sun but I hope to God that these tan lines remain crossed along my darkened shoulders like scars a fleeting attempt to capture your golden sheen. a short note on rereading poems about people you’re no longer in love with ok i mean first of all: it’s weird. but second of all, it’s like... there’s a whole perspective change. at its core i still like this poem because it’s pretty and it has a nice little sunshine motif but also like? “i will never deserve to have danced with the sun?” like, correct, i will never have deserved that... because i deserve So Much Better lmao. reading poems about exes is wild. it’s like a throwback to a dependency on someone else that just isn’t there anymore and i just gotta go, “hmm i have changed. nice.” and that’s it. what a thought!

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