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Reconstructive Urology Procedures

Reconstructive Urology has been disturbed congenitally, by trauma or by some disease or cancer. Check out the Common Reconstructive Procedures.

Reconstructive Urology

R E C O N S T R U C T I V E U R O L O G Y Reconstructive Urology is concerned with the restoration of the normal genitourinary tract–(function or structure), which has been disturbed congenitally, by trauma (surgical or otherwise) or by some disease or cancer. Reconstruction is carried out as open surgery/microscopic/endoscopic or laparoscopically, depending on the organ or structure that is involved. Common Reconstructive Procedures Repair of Hypospadias (congenital deformity of the urethra) Urethroplasty or Optical Internal Urethrotomy (OIU) for stricture urethra Augmentation Cystoplasty (increasing the size of urinary bladder) Neobladder formation (forming new bladder using intestine) Boari’s Flap of bladder or Psoas Hitch of bladder (to reconstruct lower ureter) Ileal replacement of ureter (Using intestine to reconstruct the upper ureter) Pyeloplasty (for PUJ obstruction) Endopyelotomy (for PUJ obstruction) For more detail, contact best Urologist Chandigarh: 0172-2634811

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