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Argosy PSY 301 Module 1 Assignment 2

Argosy PSY 301 Module 1 Assignment

Argosy PSY 301 Module 1 Assignment 2 BUY HERE⬊ sy-psy-301-module-1-assignment-2/ Argosy PSY 301 Module 1 Assignment 2 Browse state-run Web sites to collect information about statistical estimates on family violence that is reported or that goes unreported. Choose a specific area of family violence and hypothesize why there is such a variance between actual reported and unreported incidents. Browse the Web to determine the state-mandated reporting requirements if treatment professionals learn about children in danger due to family violence in the home environment. You may choose to address your home state or any other state within the U.S. Analyze the reporting requirements to verify if they are too lenient or too strict. How might reporting rates be increased?

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