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HELLO I am a very dedicated all round Graphic Designer who has covered all corners of design. My passion for design is more than just completing a task. I take every design task as a blank canvas to be creative and make it stand out and give the design life. From my experience I’ve learnt that everyones taste is different and fully listen to peoples opinions to improve and grow. I always aim to go that extra mile and believe there is always room for extra effort. I 100% feel this job is the role I’ve been waiting for. With all the experience of both design and print I’m the ideal designer to join the Paul Smith team. I’ve been a follower of Paul Smith for a very long time and from that I’ve got to know Sir Paul himself. TIME LINE Born Secondary School Sixth Form A-Level Art & Photography College BTEC Printing / HND Multimedia 1982 Experience • Teamwork • Typography • Print • Advertising • Stationary • Guidelines 1994 1999 2000 - 2003 • Deadlines • Marketing • Social Media • Pressure • Fun • Ecommerce • Retail • Running a business The Green Partnership - Junior Designer - 2004 Creating adverts with strict guidelines for Nationwide recruitment. I would also forward these to large publications to print in weekly newspapers. Grapevine Group - Web designer - 2006 Web designer and graphic designer for new and existing clients. I was thrown in the deep end with this role. The head web designer left a week after i started and i was left to pick up all the pieces. Blue Print Nottingham - Graphic Designer - 2006 Graphics designer working with the public designing signage to promote their business. The role included creating full car vinyl wraps, banners, signs and logos. The highlight was designing the large window display for Saltwater bar in the corner house in Nottingham which is still there today. WMS Ltd - Head Graphic Designer - 2007 Designing flyers, business cards, booklets for the company and the public. The main role was to create an 80 page magazine every month. Tight deadlines with a full team of editors and advertisers. I also did alot of photography when needed. ToyHQ Ltd - Director - 2008 - Present Due to being made redundant i started my own retail business online. I do everything from selling, sourcing, designing Point of Sale material for exhibitions, mail out flyers, banners, web design graphics, packing, customer service and general day to day running. HOBBIES SOFTWARE SKILLS

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