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Advantages and Common Uses of Region-Free DVD Player

Advantages and Common Uses of Region-Free DVD

Advantages and Common Uses of Region-Free DVD Player One of the disadvantages of buying DVDs from abroad is the incompatibility of their format with your player. It can be frustrating to find out that you cannot watch the content and that you have possibly wasted money on something that can never be used, unless you consider upgrading your player to a region-free device. So, if you watching DVDs live from abroad then it might make sense to invest in a high-quality region-free DVD player. Here are just some of the many advantages and the common applications of such a device: • Capability to play multiple video standards - A region-free DVD player can be handy if you have DVDs that have a different coding than what is used in your area. Without it, you will only be able to watch NTSC discs on a player and TV of the same format. The same thing applies to PAL discs. So, by going region-free, you can view content from any disc regardless of where it was produced or how it was coded. You can play PAL, NTSC, and SECAM formats in that player. • Region-coding free - Every country or region has an assigned numerical code for media players to prevent a particular media from being played in another country of a different code. Region coding exists to make sure that people cannot watch the movie in DVD while it is still showing in some theaters. Region-free DVD players will allow you to view such content, as they are region-coding free. So, if you bought the disc from Japan (region 2) or New Zealand (region 4), you should still be able to view its content in the US when you use a region-free player. • Dual voltage – Voltage tends to differ by country. For example, electronic devices purchased in the US use 110 volts, and those from European countries are 220 volts or 230 volts. Regionfree DVD players are typically dual-voltage, which means you can use them in most parts of the world. • Better features – Region-free DVD players function like their regular versions, but many of them come with enhancements like the dual voltage, USB input, and of course, the multiple video capability. This way, they provide better value for your money, as they prevent you from buying multiple devices for different applications.

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