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Buying Guidelines For 220v Rice Cooker

Buying Guidelines For 220v Rice

Buying Guidelines For 220v Rice Cooker Choosing a rice cooker might seem a straightforward process, but you might find yourself becoming confused with the different sizes, types, features, and voltages presented to you. A 220v rice cooker may be handy if you are migrating or moving into another country that uses electrical outlets in that voltage. You can buy it while you are still in the US to save money and to gain access to a wider range of options, just in case what you want is unavailable where you are going. These guidelines should help you pick the right 220v rice cooker: • Determine your needs – Take note of how often you eat rice and how many people will be eating with you. From there, consider if you would want your rice cooker to do other things, such as steam. That way, you can easily go over the size, capacity, and features of the selection of 220v rice cookers. • Look for a reputable retailer of 220v appliances online – A leading retailer of 220v and 110v appliances, household electronics, and equipment carries the best brands of 220v rice cookers, such as Panasonic, Russel Hobbs, Sanyo, Sharp, National, Moulinex, Oster, and Black & Decker. They label products appropriately on the description or product name, too, like by adding ‘Not for USA’, so you can easily determine if you will need an adapter or converter to use the appliance locally. • Know the basics – Just like regular rice cookers, 220v versions measure the capacity by cup, which ranges from three to 10. You can determine the right capacity by the number of people who will eat rice. Take note that usually, a cup of uncooked rice will produce one and a half cups of rice. Manufacturers typically include a special cup for measurements, too. You will need to identify the different types of rice cookers, too. Leading online retailers stock many different kinds, including 220v rice cooker with steamer that can function in 220v to 240- volt electrical sockets. Some of the other rice cookers that you should know of are the on/off cookers, which switch off automatically when cooking is done, and the cookers with the ‘keep warm’ function, which keeps rice warm after cooking. Electronic rice cookers have a sensor that enables them to keep the rice warm for several hours, making them ideal for restaurants and hospitality industries. • Take note of the safety features – Look for an auto cord reel and a fuse protector, which will minimize the risk of possible fires when you leave the 220v rice cooker unattended.

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