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Vocabulary Daily

Vocabulary Daily routines 1 1.18 Match the pictures with the phrases. Then listen, check and repeat. a b c d e f g h i j a do some exercise have lunch get dressed get up go to bed brush my teeth have a shower go to school have breakfast do my homework 2 Complete the text with phrases from Exercise 1. A day in my life Hi, I’m Cecilia and I’m from Chile. I 1 get up at 6.30 in the morning on schooldays. I 2 a shower and then I 3 dressed. At 7.00, I 4 breakfast. After breakfast I 5 my teeth, then I go to school with my brother at 7.15. We start school at 7.45. At 2.50 we go home and we 6 lunch with Mum. Then I 7 my homework in my bedroom, usually at about 3.00. I 8 some exercise or sport every day – basketball is my favourite sport. I 9 to bed at 10.00 on school nights, and 11.00 at the weekend. 3 1.19 Listen and check. 4 Complete Cecilia’s timeline. 6.30 7.00 7.10 2.50 3.00 10.00 Your turn get up start school 5 Make your own timeline. Use the phrases from Exercise 1. get up 7.30 have a shower 7.35 6 Work with a partner. Report your partner’s answers to the class. Shilan gets up at 7.30. Mika has breakfast at … Vocabulary bank • page 108 21

Times around the world London, the UK 12.00 PM Dubai, UAE 3.00 PM Rio, Brazil 8.00 AM Sydney, Australia 10.00 PM FACT! The first country in the world to see a new day is the Republic of Kiribati – an island in the Pacific Ocean. Reading An online forum 1 Look at the time zone map. When it’s 12 (noon) in London, what time is it in Sydney? 2 1.20 Read the online forum. Match the people to the cities on the map. 3 Read the text again. Complete the sentences with Marta, Renata, David or Michelle. 1 Renata and are at school. 2 and are at home. 3 does homework at this time. 4 has lunch at this time. 5 doesn’t like school. 6 goes to school with a friend. the UK Marta Hello! I’m at school with my friend, May. We’re in the dining hall. We walk to school together in the morning and at lunchtime we always eat together. Sometimes we study together. Michelle It’s night here and I’m in my bedroom. I do my homework at this time during the week. At the weekend, I don’t do homework. We often go to the park or have barbecues in our garden – and I go to bed late. :-) Renata Wow, is it really night there, Michelle? Amazing! I start school at this time. I’m in the school library now. I don’t like school. :-( My dad teaches at my school, so we go there together. David Hi Renata! Hi Marta! Hi Michelle! I’m at home. I usually eat with my mum and my brother at this time. My brother is two years old. He doesn’t go to school. I love playing with my brother – he’s funny! We sleep in the afternoon and we go out at night because it’s very hot here. Explore prepositions of time 4 reading text. at lunchtime 4 Find examples of prepositions of time in the 5 Write the correct preposition, then complete the sentences for you. 1 In the morning, I do some exercise. 1 the morning, … . 2 lunchtime, … . 3 the weekend, … . Vocabulary bank • page 108 4 the afternoon, … . 5 night, … . Your turn 6 Look at the times in the cities below. What time is it in your country? Tell your partner where you are at that time. 1 It’s 12 noon in London. It’s 1 pm here. My classes are over and I’m on my way home. 2 It’s 3 am in Rio. 3 It’s 6 pm in Dubai. 4 It’s 2 pm in Sydney. 22