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Speaking Asking for

Speaking Asking for clarification S UNIT Real Talk: What’s your name? Where are you from? 1 0.1 Watch the teenagers in the video. Complete the chart on the right. 2 What’s your name? Where are you from? Name Nationality Parents’ nationality Rachel British British Binnie British British Steven Mum: Dad: Israeli Emily Mum: American Dad: Courtney Mum: Dad: Freddie Mum: Dad: English 3 1.10 Listen to the conversation. When is Janek’s birthday? Useful language So, your name is (Janek), is that right? Yes, that’s right. How do you spell that? Sorry, can you repeat that please? Of course. 4 Look at the Useful language box and complete the conversation. repeat right course Sorry spell 1 right Teacher: So, your first name is Janek and your surname is Czerwinski, is that 1 ? Janek: Yes, that’s right. Teacher: How do you 2 that? Janek: It’s C Z E R W I N S K I. Teacher: OK, thanks. And where are you from? Janek: Katowice, in Poland. That’s K A T O W I C E. Teacher: And what’s your date of birth? Janek: 12 th April 2000. 3 Teacher: , can you 4 that please? 5 Janek: Yes, of . It’s 12 th April 2000. Teacher: Thanks. And what’s your address here in Bristol? Janek: 24 Walton Street. 5 1.10 Listen, check and practise the conversation with your partner. 6 Change the words in bold in the conversation in Exercise 4. Use the information on the cards. Practise the conversation. Student ID Card BRUNO NEUMANN from Munich, Germany dob 23 rd May 1999 address in Bristol 10 Clifton Street Student ID Card DANDAN LOENG from Hangzhou, China dob 16 th August 2000 address in Bristol 21 Kings Gardens 9

1 People In this unit … Robot fighters p13 My family p16 On the phone p18 CLIL The land down under p115 Vocabulary ● Family and friends ● Describing people ● Adjectives Language focus ●have got: affirmative, negative, questions and short answers ● Comparison of adjectives Unit aims I can … ● talk about my family. ● compare people. ● understand a text about other cultures. ● talk on the phone. ● write a description of someone. ● write an email about my school. BE What can you see in the photo? Start thinking ● How many people are there in this family? ● How old do you think they are? ● When do you wear boots like these? 10