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The Futurist (Haringey) magazine - advert rates info

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Hi, how are you today?

Hi, how are you today? Are you into education and learning? We are, and we (@uLearnNaturally) are now producing a pilot magazine for Haringey, The Futurist (Haringey), this important ground breaker is focused on education and learning, in particular it will explore local news and dynamics around STEAM, that's STEM + the Arts. We are now opening up conversations with a broad range of local education centres, event co-ordinators, enterprise leaders and other professionals to establish what messages, products or services need to be promoted to the local community, it might be your courses or employment opportunities, events or something else. You have received this info as we are sure your eforts for the community will beneft greatly from being featured in The Futurist (Haringey), a dedicated periodical magazine focused on enhancing local learning and community life. There’s no better way for you to reach out and engage the local community. Let’s have a chat today, contact us now. t: 075 3003 8547 Readership Levels: PILOT: 27,000> REGULAR ISSUES: 180,000>

The Futurist (Haringey) - Episode 001 (main-master single-pg)
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The Futurist (Haringey) magazine - advert rates info