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Berita TAC, Issue 1 2017


TAC HISTORY FORUM 2017 Organized by Board on Archives & History and Board on Laity Theme: LOOKING BACK TO LOOK FORWARD Background Context History is dynamic, not static. It is not merely a matter of the recitation of bare facts to be appropriated for today or assimilated to the present. At every turn God does something new. And we are presenting a platform whereby as followers of the Living Word and Loving Christ, we would be able to understand together what God has in store for Tamil Annual Conference under the bigger umbrella of Methodist Church of Malaysia. Aims 1. Understand Methodist Heritage and Mission 2. Tamil Annual Conference Mission for TODAY! 3. History enables us to interpret again the Bible and the stories, sayings and contexts of Jesus for TODAY in the light of our OWN STORIES, sayings and contexts. 4. To present a picture of a ‘what wonders God hath wrought’ view of Methodism 5. To respond to the gospel of God’s love for all and live it out in worship and mission. Summed UP! Learn and care and serve the Methodist way. Workshops Topics ‣ Bringing Church History Back to Life: by Mr. Goh Keat Seng Find out how we turn a local history enquiry into creative archive-based detective work, and we’ll help you think about how you can apply this model to any topic. Local Church History writing ‣ Keynote speech, ‘Looking back to look ahead’: by Rev. Victor Vethamani ‣ Methodist Heritage by Mr. Gopal Sundaram Why does the heritage of Methodism matter? What is unique about Methodist heritage? What makes the history of the people called Methodists distinctive? Connecting Methodism Heritage to the mission of the Church ‣ Methodist Schools in Malaysia by Mr. S.Selvaraj Methodist movement has always been associated with education 16

‣ Rev. John Kovilpillai Role of women in TAC (women ordination?) Social concern initiatives Church growth ‣ rom here? by TAC President, Rev. Dennis Raj Who is it for? Everyone who takes an interest in the growth of local Methodist church, District and the Conference Why do we need it? Methodism has a rich heritage of 'conferring' as a means of listening to what God may be prompting us to do and to be as disciples of Jesus Christ. The History Forum offers an opportunity for all Methodists under TAC churches to confer together to participate in shaping and forming the future work and programmes that the local churches, along with the district and boards at the conference, will undertake in the coming months and years. It’s an opportunity for a wide cross-section of TAC congregation to share, and to discern where God is leading us. Summary The practice of remembering and the value of heritage to the faith journey are a deeply rooted Biblical principle, which John Wesley endorsed. In his sermon, ‘The General Spread of the Gospel’, John Wesley asserted: ‘As God is one, so the work of God is uniform in all ages. May we not then conceive how he will work on the souls of men in times to come by considering how he does work now? And how he has wrought in times past?’ Re-telling the story of the early and later Methodists’ personal piety and social witness helps to re-envision these for today, making our memories uncomfortable and even dangerous. They can stimulate again the Methodist movement for evangelization and transformation of individuals and society today. 17

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