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Berita TAC, Issue 1 2017

Very often it is quoted

Very often it is quoted – the Jesus of 2000 years ago – no doubt it is important because Jesus existed at a point of history. But when we keep dwelling on the past Jesus, we may fail to see the Christ of the present. Vs. 32 Mary came to see Jesus – fell at his feet and said, “Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died.” Jesus’ heart was broken. Mary had great devotion for her Master. She had often sat at his feet and learned from him – one who had the good portion. Yet, she too, like Martha, failed to see Christ the present hope – she only saw him as the Christ of four days ago. Vs. 33-34 When Jesus saw her and her relatives weeping, he was deeply moved in his spirit. Vs. 35 mentions that Jesus wept. He wept because he identified himself with the grief of the people. He wept because they failed to see him as the only hope in the situation. Vs. 38-39 Jesus came to the tomb and ordered the tombstone to be moved. But they were hesitant. The body would smell by now. Mary and Martha looked at their relatives – it would be a religious sacrilege to disturb the dead. They heard two voices: World – listen to me – don’t listen to God. Vs. 40 The voice of God (Jesus) – Remove the stone and you will see the power (glory) of God – you will have your hopes fulfilled! Vs. 41-44 Jesus prayed to the father and commanded Lazarus to come out. Lazarus is raised from the dead – that was the hope in Jesus! Jesus had been our hope in the past – hope of our forefathers. He is the hope of our future – hope in the resurrection and eternal fellowship with the Father. Most of all, He is our present hope – hope in the Jesus of here and now! With Easter Greetings, Rev. Dr. A.E. Joseph 6

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