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week 10


1 Star Media SUNDAY WEEK 10: Taper Time The work is done. The only thing to do now is to freshen up. You do that not only by reducing your training but also by getting plenty of sleep and eating healthy foods this week. Nerves can get in the way of a good taper. So try and “keep the lid on”. Nerves can also interfere with your eating. This is not the time to put on or lose weight. Keep focused on the plan. You often hear top athletes talking about sticking LEVEL THURS FRI SUN Beginner 14KM jog/Run Intermediate 14KM 45mins jog continuously Z1-2 50min easy jog with 4x3 min Z2-3 alternated by 2min Z1 in the middle Rest or 30min walk or 20min jog Rest or 30min jog City2Surf 14KM 9am, 6KM 10am City2Surf 14KM 9am, 6KM 10am 6KM Jog/Run 30min jog continuously Rest or 20min walk or 15min jog City2Surf 14KM 9am, 6KM 10am 6KM/ 14KM Walk 6KM 35min 14KM 40min (both light) MARCH 18 CITY 2 SURF TRAINING PROGRAMME to the process. That means they are not thinking of the final result at the finish line but they focus on their task during the event. This also applies to you. It means that most of the time your thoughts will be with your rhythm, pace and technique. Your breathing will be a good measure of your pace and if your breathing is more laboured than during your training sessions you are going too fast. 6KM 25min 14KM 30min (moderate intensity) Prepare yourself to run surrounded by a large group of people. It can be quite unnerving for some people. Above all, run at your own pace from the start. Hold back a bit when the gun goes off rather than trying to get ahead of the pack. If you start too fast there will be a price to pay later. If you have someone you can run with who is of a similar level you can keep each other in check. City2Surf 14KM 9am, 6KM 10am TIP OF THE WEEK The main tip is to enjoy yourself. While you are “sticking to the process” there is no reason why you can’t take in the occasion at the same time. Run with a smile on your face. Have a good one! On behalf of the team at Sportsmed ( Dr John Hellemans, Sportsmedicine Practitioner/Coach This programme and accompanying information are written as a guide only. If you are concerned about your health at any stage please undergo a health check with your GP. Proud to support Sunday 18th March Corporate Prize Spot Prizes SINGAPORE AIRLINES BRAND GUIDELINES SUMMARY Child Prize School Prize Family Prize Proud Sponsors