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Reasons to Give to Charity Infographic-1

Reasons to Give to Charity

4 o r n a m e n t a l s w i t h EDIBLE FRUIT KOUSA DOGWOOD Cornus kousa A stunning small tree or multistemmed shrub that covers itself with showy petal like white or pink bracts in late spring. The actual flowers, locateed in the center of the bracts are incospicious. Flowers are followed by delicious creamy-textured fruit (with bittersih skin) that ripen in late summer or early autumn and are usually consumed fresh. Kousa dogwood is very attractive in all seasons. Some cultivars with good fruit:Teutonia, Big Apple, Milky Way SNOWY MESPILUS Amelanchier lamarckii A large shrub, widely cultivated for ornamental purposes. Its showy racemose white flowers appear in early spring, followed by an abundance of small tasty red pome-fruit that turns dark purple when ripe, resembling american blueberies in appearance. The fruit that ripens end of June or in July is sweet with a hint of apple aroma and can be consumed fresh or used for processing. Its vivid autum color is an added bonus for the garden. Some cultivars with good quality fruit: Ballerina, William. GOLDEN CURRANT Ribes aureum syn. Odoratum Very ornamental small shrub with fragrant edible yellow flowers from which fruit that can be either red, amber, or black develop. Fruit ripens in mid-summer and can vary greatly in size and taste from plant to plant, with the fruit of the best genotypes being pleasantly flavored and can be consumed fresh or used for processing. Some cultivars with tasty fruit: Fatima, Venus (black), Zarina, Lyaysan (amber), Kishmishnaya Malinova (red) NANKING CHERRY Prunus tomentosa The very compact growth habit and the abundance of white fragrant flowers in May and April, followed by densely clustered cherry-size fruit, make the Nanking cherry a very decorative plant. The red or yellow fruit that ripen in June/July are aromatic with a balanced sweetness-acidity ratio and can be consumed raw or processed. The compact habit of the Nanking cherry unfortunately makes it very susceptible to Monillia in wet climates. Some self-fertile cultivars: Vostorog, Triana, Yubileynaya, Leto Dr. Nadja Sadar, e-mail:

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