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Industry Connect PAGE 12

Industry Connect PAGE 12 Cost-and-Coffee with Adrienne Hill Let’s see what Adrienne Hill – VP, RPA-Automation CoE has to share about her team and about AmEX : How has your visit to India been so far? I love coming to India, I love meeting the teams here, I generally work harder over here than I do at home. Tell us something about your team – RPA Automation. Our team works around the core value of ‘thinking outside the box’ day in and day out, eliminating challenges that involve menial tasks and require a human point of view. We also focus on driving relationship care through Automation and having a much more levelled conversation with our customers. Moreover, our team has embodied the enterprise, we do everything for the enterprise from an RPA-Automation standpoint: Centralised procurement of Robots Demanding a lower support rate for Robots Open Training environment on RPA Automation for all employees. Overall, I am really proud of the wonderful job we are doing inside this department.

Industry Connect PAGE 13 What is your take on Steve’s town hall and the strategy for winning? The key takeaway according to me is the update in performance metrics. I feel, with this update, the individual goals will become much clearer, while emphasising the need for teamwork. RPA- Automation cares about teamwork, we care about collaboration. The new parameters are more enabling rather than encouraging competition. The focus will now be more on aligning individual goals with the overall enterprise strategy. In this way, we all can win. What according to you is the Ideal Candidate for your team? One characteristic I like in my team is Diversity, therefore we look for candidates from different backgrounds and work streams who bring in varying perspectives in the workplace. Apart from that, the ideal candidate should be technologically curious, should have a growth mind-set and possess excellent relationship skills Which is the one thing in life you are most proud of? My son, he is in college right now and he is doing a great job. You have worked with teams in AmEx across the globe, despite of the cultural differences, what unites AmEx employees across the globe? One thing unique about AmEx is the way it raises leaders, this has earned us recognition globally. The culture in AmEx is all about mutual respect and listening to others, which makes us excellent team workers.