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Times of Tram Rockstars

Times of Tram Rockstars of PAGE 14 TRAM VOC Champs Sahil Sehgal, Lead Projects Analyst, TRAM – Access Management “Sahil had demonstrated unparalleled focus on Service Delivery and his ability to drive results which was highlighted by the excellent support provided on highly critical and time sensitive projects.” Bhashwati Thakuriya, Business Systems Analyst, TRAM – Testing

Times of Tram PAGE 13 Leader in spotlight Prerna Tannan, Team Leader, TRAM – Access Management Tell us something about your Team: I personally believe that best teams “WIN Together”and I am really proud to have a team which understands the balance between the purpose and unity. They work together, learn together, loose together and grow together which make them do exceptional work together. 2018 Focus Area for you: Focus on Solutions Major Achievements in your career: Opportunity to lead Things you indulge in for personal growth: Meditation & exercising. As I believe Healthy body leads to healthy mind.