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Premier Special PAGE 2 A

Premier Special PAGE 2 A bout TRAM 2017 has been a whirlwind of a year for TRAM. For one, we went from being Systems Assurance and BUSA to TRAM. This was also the year we started Project Robin hood or in other words Test Collapse, which has resulted in a 1.9MM dollar SQP saves already. Another feather in the cap has been the extent of Automation in BUSA, which is now known as Access Management. With the help of Automation, Access Management has been able to achieve an overall cycle time of 2.9 business days. Test Collapse and Automation continues to be our priority for 2018 slog with Expanding footprint so that we are the one stop shop for all testing and access needs.

Edition Special PAGE 3 SASI-BUSA to TRAM - Anirban(Ani) Roy The journey, The change and the Man behind it all….