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Video Fact File

Video Fact File Nickname: The Welsh Wizard Date of birth: 16th July, 1989 Place of birth: Cardiff, Wales Gareth Bale is a great footballer. He usually gets up early at 7:00 am and goes to the gym. After that, he takes a shower and then he eats breakfast. At 9 am, Gareth goes to football practice. Gareth always has a lunch break at about half past one and then continues training. He has Spanish lessons twice a week. On the field, Gareth often scores goals. His nickname is ‘the Welsh Wizard’. Gareth is tall and runs very fast. People say he has got magic feet. When Gareth doesn’t have training or a match, he plays computer games and watches DVDs or sports matches on TV. He plays golf, too. He also helps different charities that help children. His family is very important to him and he likes spending time with them. Culture Spot The national game of England is cricket. What is the national game of your country? 2 3 Gareth Bale is His birthday is Gareth runs Complete the sentences. 1 2 3 1 Reading a b c • nickname • training • twice • field • wizard • charity Look at the picture. Say three things you think Gareth Bale does every day. 2.10 Listen, read and check. Read the text. Match phrases (1-3) to phrases (a-c) to make sentences. very fast. a footballer. on 16th July. 1 Gareth goes to football practice ___________________________________ 2 People call him _____________________________________________________ 3 In his free time he __________________________________________________ 4 He likes spending time _____________________________________________ 52 Уџбеник је у процесу одобравања. Овај примерак је одштампан за презентацију и не може се користити у настави. Сва права задржана. Забрањено фотокопирање.

Note! Question words Whose is this ball? Mark’s. (possession) Who is he? He’s my best friend. (people) What is his surname? Harris (specific information) How old is he? 12. (age) Where does he come from? New York. (place) When is his birthday? 2nd August (time) Which school does he go to: Aston or Brigges? Aston. (choice between two alternatives) BUT How does he go to school? By bus. (manner) We use falling intonation in wh- questions. What’s his favourite sport? 4 5 6 Vocabulary Free-time activities Complete the sentences with: goes, have, plays, helps or spend. 1 My dad ____________________ golf on Sundays. 2 Robin ____________________ to the gym in the afternoon. 3 At the weekend, I ____________________ time with my family and friends. 4 My mum ____________________ a charity for children at weekends. 5 I ____________________ piano lessons every Saturday. Speaking In pairs ask and answer questions based on the text. Use question words from the Note! box. A: Who is Gareth Bale? B: A great footballer. What is his nickname? A: ‘The Welsh Wizard.’ etc. Listening 2.11 Listen and complete Miguel’s timetable. Miguel’s timetable 1) ___________ get up 7:30 am have breakfast 9:00 am have football 2) ___________ 3) ___________ have lunch 2:00 pm play a 4) ___________ 6:30 pm have dinner 5) ___________ go to bed Opening/Closing remarks Thanks for the email. How are things? Hope you are ok. … Have to go now. Talk to you later. 7 Writing (an email about your daily routine) Imagine you are Miguel. Write an email to your English e-friend Jack about your daily routine. You can use phrases from the box to start/end your email (50-60 words). ___________________ Hi Jack, … How Here’s are my things? daily Here’s routine. my In daily the morning, routine. In I ______________ the morning, . I After ______________ lunch, we. ______________ After lunch, we . It’s ______________ very tiring, but . It’s it’s very really tiring, great but here! it’s really great here! Write back soon, Miguel See Writing 3 p. 112 Уџбеник је у процесу одобравања. Овај примерак је одштампан за презентацију и не може се користити у настави. Сва права задржана. Забрањено фотокопирање. 53