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Журнал «Интернаука» № 13 (47), 2018 г. Types Immunostimulation (immune activation) Immunomodulation Immunopotentiation Immunosuppression Types of Immunocorrection Table 1. Activity It stimulates certain copy cells, increases overall immune protection. Vaccines, serums and other agents are used as immunostimulators. Prug, non-phormaceutical (laser,magnetic field) or other effects are intended to restore the immune system of modified joints with out affecting normal functioning cells and full-fledge reactions Implantation of immunological mechanisms for immune system. Plants (chamomile, melissa, mint, equilibrium,) as well as synthetic preparations (diucophon, levamizol) One type of immune therapy aimed at suppressing the immune system activity. It is used for autoimmune, lymphoproliferative disorders, replacement of organs Summarizing this article, it is more effective to use drainage methods of extracorporal and breast lymphatic flows. Other features of the other methods are long term treatment period. References: 1. Абаев Ю.К. Современные особенности хирургической инфекции / Ю.К. Абаев // Вестник хирургии, 2005. №3. - С. 107-111. 2. С.К.Зырянов, Ю.Б.Белоусов Дженерики антибактериальных препаратов: за и против // Справочник поликлинического врача. — Вып. 2012.- №5. 3. О. У. Стецюк, И. В. Андреева, А. В. Колосов, Р. С. Козлов Безопасность и переносимость антибиотиков в амбулаторной практике // Клин МикробиолАнтимикробХимиотер. — 2011. — Т. 13, № 1. — С. 67-84. 4. Белоцкий С.М. Иммунология хирургической инфекции / С.М. Белоцкий // Науч. обзор, М, 1980. -С. 105. 5. Анаэробная неклостридиальная инфекция в гнойной хирургии / С.Е. Кулешов и др. // Хирургия. 1986. - №2. - С. 153-154. 6. Андарханов Б.Б. Молекулярные аспекты антиокислительной активности витамина / Б.Б. Андарханов, Г.Д. Локшина, Е.А. Ленская // Вопр.мед. химии. 1983.—№ З.-С. 2-9. 7. Антиэндотоксиновый иммунитет в физиологии и патологии человека / В.Г. Лиходед и др. // Медицина экстренных ситуаций.- 1999. -№1.-С. 21-24. 59

Журнал «Интернаука» № 13 (47), 2018 г. PEDAGOGY SOME FEATURES OF ORGANIZATION IN CONDUCTING PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLASSES FOR PRIMARY SCHOOL PUPILS НЕКОТОРЫЕ ОСОБЕННОСТИ ОРГАНИЗАЦИИ В ПРОВЕДЕНИИ ЗАНЯТИЙ ФИЗИЧЕСКОЙ КУЛЬТУРЫ В НАЧАЛЬНЫХ КЛАССАХ Измаханова Мейрамгуль Ахметовна старший преподаватель Кызылординского государственного университета, Казахстан, г. Кызылорда Аннотация. Некоторые особенности организации уроков физической культуры проводимые с учащимися начальных классов.Значение подвижных игр для начальных классов .Классификация физических упражнений и подвижныг игр, согласно возрастных категорий. ABSTRACT. There will be development of intelligence and personal qualities of the pupils during the study at school. They will improve their mind and enrich inner world. They will raise their aesthetic taste and feelings. Nowadays the youth must meet to the life requirements with a development of science, technology and innovation. Main aim is to prepare qualified and intelligent people with higher education, who can actively work in different spheres of society and state. Ключевые слова: Подвижные игры,физическая культура,возрастная нагрузка. Upbringing and teaching are inseparable, but they are unequal. Upbringing and teaching deal with formation and development of a person. Physical education means are considered as main means of upbringing pupil, it helps to improve health and to cope with difficulties in the life. It prepares to protect himself/herself and motherland. It prevents bad manners and habits. It is important to organize physical education classes which have social importance in early years. Therefore, there is another important task of organizing its results by using various methods, propaganda and introduction in everyday life. The given coursework on “Some features of organization in conducting physical education classes for primary school pupils” is devoted to the peculiarities and advantages of organization and conducting physical education classes at the secondary schools. It also deals with a proper organization of physical education classes for primary school pupils, their abilities and willingness to the sport and best ways on developing of increasing pupils` interest in subject. The PE teacher should take into account not only performing his/her teaching workload but also solve the problems while improving the effectiveness of physical education classes. The following problems include: -What knowledge and skills did the pupil acquire during the class? - Could he/she apply them in everyday life? - How could they realize acquired knowledge and skills? It is not appropriate to teach only theoretical part of physical education for school pupils. It is also necessary to use different methods of teaching especially by replacing easy exercises and activities with difficult one in order to develop the pupils’ physical ability and motor skills. .[1,р.15] It is important to find ways of morphofunctional, psycho-pedagogical and physiological influence on pupils’ health through means of physical education which not only strengthen their health but also help to exercise independently affecting the figure. Physical education classes and extracurricular activities are the only opportunity of pupils to physical training and to go in for sports at the secondary schools. Teaching staff is involved in organizing physical and health improvement activities at the school as well as parents, pupils and graduates. They can be not only viewers, but also sports judges. This will change their lives, increase interests of the participants, improve, enriches pupils’ emotional state and build mutual relationship. It will positively influence on the developing as an individual and contribute to recognize the abilities and creative skills of children. It is recommended to use methods (assisting, supporting, insuring etc.) which directly affect the pupils while teaching them difficult elements of physical exercises. It will be effective to introduce the materials of “Movement games” into gymnastics classes. It especially provides the ability to cope with difficulties in the life of primary school pupils. .[2,р.11] It is important to keep the following principles to make physical education classes interesting at schools. Educational material while organizing teaching activity should correspond to the educational programme of this class. It is necessary to select physical exercises according to the age difference of the pupils. It is important to pay more attention to the involvement of all pupils in physical exercises and activities. 60