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Simple Weight

A candy bar every day at lunch may seem insignificant, but look how many calories it is in a week! Once you've done this for at least a week (the longer the better), figure out how many calories you're eating each day on average.


Simple Weight-Loss Method I think I struggle because it tastes different than what I am use to. What is even harder is because my kids are older and they are use to me cooking lasagna that way. Then the added stress I get from my kids is they say they do not like it after I took the time to make it. Or they take one look at it and they refuse to eat it, which hurts my feels because I am trying to do something good for them. I wish I would of found out this information when my kids were younger I think it would have been easier to make the changes then. That way I would only have to work on my own struggles. What is great about our body is that once you start eating healthier and change your eating habits you will no longer like the old way of cooking. This has happened to me before when I took a break from eating fast foods. I did that for a few months then I had a break down and purchased a double cheese burger from McDonald's. I did not realize how salty it was. I never felt like that before. I loved McDonald's double cheese burgers. Now they just taste different to me. I know once I make the decision to change and start doing it. I will love the new way after time goes by. Also I need to give my children time, it takes 7 times seeing something new for someone to try. I just have to take that first step for myself and my family when preparing meals!

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