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Add-Ons & Integrations Available

Add-Ons & Integrations

Add-Ons & Integrations Available Hostcomm wants to make your business more effective and more productive. And by using our technology to integrate your business systems and your customer communications, you have a powerful combination of efficiency to reduce your costs and improve your customer experience. The Hostcomm development team has created a collection of Add-Ons and customised integrations that enhance our Hosted Dialler and Contact Centre services. All our Add-Ons will help your clients improve their productivity and remain compliant. Pricing Pricing can vary based on the type of Add-On or integration you need. Many of our Add-Ons are available for only a small addition to your monthly service charges. Visit our Dialler Pricing & Plans page add these to your dialler plan. More complex customised Add-Ons are available and priced based on the user's requirements. For More information visit our website:

Financing Now Available* -
Financing Now Available* -
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