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How to Schedule Pinterest Pins inTailWind

How to Schedule Pinterest Pins

How to Schedule Pinterest Pins inTailWind Video Steps 1. upload pins at ​ 2. add url 3. add description {copy from the page on STE} > try and make it unique for each pin :smile: 4. Schedule for the next day,>>> for the next pin, schedule the following day, so on and so forth 5. Click Save all button at the bottom (Middle) of screen Note: If you have many pins to upload, like 40 then just upload 10 pins at a time, add the url and description for those 10 pins and then set the timer , after that do the next set How to write Pin descriptions? We use the description to 1. Create curiosity and get them to click on the pin 2. for SEO in Pinterest e.g. 9. What drew me to Blue Buffalo initially was their inspiring story and practical antioxidant-rich kibbles. >> maybe we can increase more curiosity by posing the question, BUT not giving the answer in the description :) e.g. What drew me to Blue Buffalo initially was... Find out What drew me to Blue Buffalo initially... Here is What drew me to Blue Buffalo.... Here is what i didn't know about Blue Buffalo initially...

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